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First Rate!

“Jennifer was a Godsend on a domestic violence case that was eventually dismissed! She took the necessary steps in the case but was also mindful of my time and the expense of the case. She is a fighter and can hold …

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Jennifer Horwitz
Amazing Attorney for a Client with Mental Health Issues

"We hired Jennifer to represent me after an unfortunate incident led to me being arrested and having domestic violence charges filed against me. I am so glad that we went with Jennifer. From day one, she worked tirelessly to represent me and to help to present the mitigating factors to the prosecutor. ...

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RecentKira Shea

"Jennifer was a Godsend! I contacted her for a Domestic issue and it couldn't of yielded better results! But it's more than that. She took the necessary steps to be MINDFUL of my time as well as expenses…

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RecentJennifer Horwitz