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An Attorney Who is Passionate About Criminal Defense

"As a long time Microsoft employee and a law abiding citizen, I thought I would never need a criminal defense lawyer. I was wrong and suddenly I was involved in something that could cause me to be on the defending side of the federal law.

I interviewed five lawyers before I talked to Jennifer and I immediately decided to hire Jennifer for her approaches to the legal matters and attention to details. Some lawyers would first try to use scare factor and make you think that you need to hire them or you are forever screwed, while Jennifer first try to understand the issue and every possible details of the case before offering any legal advice and defend strategy. The fact that Jennifer has been a public defender also played a role in my hiring decisions. To me, it is important to hire someone with lots of experience but the most important thing is to hire a lawyer who is passionate about defending people.

It turned out to be the right decision and Jennifer started working on behalf of me right away and the entire problem I had with the government was solved in matter of days without going to court. Jennifer is a great lawyer and also someone with high integrity. I sincerely recommend Jennifer in case you need a criminal defense lawyer."

~ Client in Federal Criminal Case (Under Investigation that Was not Charged)

Kira Shea