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Testimonial posts

Client-Centered and Pragmatic

“Jennifer has always maintained a client-centered practice. She has a knack for connecting with people on their level, while never portraying an air of superiority. Her clients both trust and respect her. She is both intelligent and compassionate, always displaying a caring manner in her interactions with clients. Jennifer has an impressive ability to build and maintain a trusting relationship with even the most difficult of personalities. She is kind and patient in every situation, regardless of the level of agitation and frustration the client may be exhibiting. Her ability to maintain her focus and balance on a consistent basis is part of what makes her such an outstanding advocate

Jennifer has a way of negotiating and problem-solving that achieves the best result for her client without damaging her credibility or relationship with other parties to the case. She understands that while there exists a naturally adversarial relationship with the prosecuting attorney, it is vitally important for her client that she is able to work well with her opponents in the system. She deftly manages to carry out her various roles brilliantly, always emerging with her reputation and her client’s trust intact.

Jennifer is as intelligent as she is compassionate, as creative as she is pragmatic, and as flexible as she is committed. She has a superior mind and a caring manner. Her work is meaningful to her and the people she works for matter to her.”

~ Colleague and Fellow Criminal Defense Attorney

Kira Shea