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Unflappable Sense of Justice and Dedication to Excellent Advocacy

“Jennifer is a personal friend of mine. Last year, I found myself in a situation where I needed to retain legal counsel for a type of matter that Jennifer doesn’t practice in. I paid a hefty flat fee to a top attorney who deals with these cases.

However, as the process moved along, I began having some concerns about my representation. I didn’t feel like the complexity of my story was fully understood or appreciated by my attorney, and I was nervous that I my chances of getting what I felt was a fair and favorable outcome were going to suffer as a result. An offer that I wasn’t crazy about came from the Prosecutor fairly early in the process and my attorney advised me to take it. I didn’t think it was good enough, but I was terrified to turn it down. Was I making a huge mistake?

I asked Jennifer to join my attorney and I to discuss the pros and cons of the offer. She reviewed all the details of my case, and she gently but firmly prepared me to review some of the details that I’d been unable to confront prior to her helping me muster the courage to do so. She noted and held on to all of the fighting facts of my case and didn’t give a single one up in the face of the unfavorable facts. Most importantly: she gently guided my attorney towards finally seeing them, too. She gave me the courage to not settle, and she inspired my attorney to rally much harder on my behalf. Our decision was to graciously decline the offer and give the many supporting reasons for doing so.

Two months later, there was another offer, the very one I had been hoping for all along — and my case was finally settled and put to bed. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten the outcome I wanted if Jennifer hadn’t stepped in and helped my attorney and I develop a strategy for getting there. She opened the door for us to walk through, and she did it with her trademark professionalism, respect, impressive competence, nuanced tenacity, unflappable sense of justice and dedication to excellence in advocacy.

I could not have had a better advocate in my corner. Without question, it made all the difference.”

Kira Shea