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“I was involved in a Domestic Violence case two years ago because I got into a fight with my boyfriend. I was scared of facing this problem after I got released from the jail, and instead decided to go back to my country to stay with my parents. It took so long to get a visa to come back here to study, that I procrastinated resolving this case for two years. 

Two months ago, I decided to face this problem and I started to do some research to find a DV attorney to help dismiss my case. This website was useful, it helped me find Jennifer who has 20 years of experience handling Domestic Violence cases. I contacted her immediately, and prepared everything to talk to her. After the first meeting, I hired her as my attorney. During the first one-hour meeting, I told her everything that was related to my case and she was really helpful and friendly. She represented me in court only three times, and every time was very short. I believe that she put in a lot of effort to make the case move so fast and smooth. Jennifer is my first attorney, and she was really helpful and nice to me. I recommend her to everyone who is struggling with domestic violence accusations.”

Jen Fox