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Prepared, Dogged, Meticulous and Professional

“Jennifer’s doggedness and work ethic are unmatched to any that I have witnessed. She has an incredible attention to detail and it is revealed in her preparedness for interviews and scrutiny of the case. She is one of the most thoughtful and meticulous attorneys that I’ve ever worked with. I have observed Jennifer interview defense witnesses before trial and I have watched her in court. She has a remarkable ability to “go after” a witness in a way that seems nice, until she’s done and you realize that she has completely destroyed the witness. She is always respectful, always cool and calm and is constantly thinking of how to respond and argue her point. I’ve never seen her frazzled or ill-prepared. She epitomizes professional grace.

As an investigator I have a unique perspective on the attorneys with who I work. I see how they treat their clients, whether they are finding creative ways to investigate a case, whether they are developing legal issues and whether they have a command of the facts of their cases. I see who is organized and who is not, who prepares and who leaves things until the last moment. Jennifer treats her clients with the utmost respect and prepares each case relentlessly.”

~ Investigator and Colleague

Jen Fox