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Compassion, Acceptance and Great Result

"Jennifer Horwitz truly cares about her clients. My case was a bit involved and encompassed multiple facets that she attended to with concern and care. I was arrested for Domestic Violence, Assault in the 4th Degree. That night I blacked out due to my alcohol consumption and low blood sugar; I am a Type 1 Diabetic. During the case Jennifer helped me to realize that I needed better control over my Diabetes as well as needing to get treatment for my alcoholism. I now have an insulin pump and have been sober for several months. Part of my underlying problems with alcohol stemmed from being a transgender woman. Jennifer accepted me from the very start, supported me in coming out to the public and helped to get the court to address me as “she” and Miss. Due to her caring and concern for me personally, not just as a case, we were able to resolve the case with no jail time.

Jennifer truly cares for her clients. We are not just cases to her. She is caring, compassionate and passionate about helping her clients get through difficult times in our lives.  Not only did Jennifer represent me, she has become a dear friend and ally."

Kira Shea