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Amazing Attorney for a Client with Mental Health Issues

"We hired Jennifer to represent me after an unfortunate incident led to me being arrested and having domestic violence charges filed against me. I am so glad that we went with Jennifer. From day one, she worked tirelessly to represent me and to help to present the mitigating factors to the prosecutor. This incident was a direct result of my mental health issues and Jennifer was so compassionate during this difficult time and also very supportive of my treatment. I was also dealing with potential damage to my professional licensure, and Jennifer connected me with knowledgeable attorneys who were able to advise me how to handle this situation with minimal damage to my career. I was always impressed with how quickly Jennifer responded to my inquiries. Her expertise made this difficult process as smooth as possible. When presented with difficult decisions, Jennifer always took my input into account and was understanding when I had to make certain decisions to continue to protect my mental health and my healing from this issue. I am so thankful that we hired Jennifer to represent me as I could not have asked for an attorney who was more knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in this difficult situation."

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