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Domestic Violence Assault 4th Degree Investigation and Protection Order Case — Woman Blamed Self-Inflicted Injuries on Her Boyfriend

RESULT  |  No protection order granted and no charges filed

A man was in a relationship with a woman who drank alcohol even though she was on a medication that was not supposed to be mixed with alcohol. On the night of the incident, the woman had been drinking and mixing her medication with alcohol. She provoked an argument with the man, who locked himself in a space apart from the woman. The woman banged on the door, screaming and threw glass at the door. At the end of the incident, the woman was bleeding and bruised and reported that the man had caused the injuries to her. This prompted a criminal investigation of the man. The woman also petitioned for a protection order against the man. After interviewing witnesses who were at the scene, documenting the damage to the scene and other important facts, the prosecutor’s office declined to file charges against the man and the woman’s petition for a protection order was denied.