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Domestic Violence Assault (4th Degree) — Graduate Student Charged with Assaulting his Girlfriend When There Evidence He Was the Real Victim

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A young man in graduate school with no prior criminal history was accused of assaulting his girlfriend. The girlfriend alleged she had been kicked and punched repeatedly and that she was covered in bruises, but the police took no pictures and reported seeing no injuries. The girlfriend was covered in the man’s blood when the police arrived. She alleged he had punched a mirror in anger. The man said the girlfriend had attacked him with the mirror. He had serious injuries to his hand. The girlfriend had some training in martial arts. There had been a previous incident where the girlfriend had been arrested after assaulting the man. In the previous incident, she was covered in the man’s blood when the police arrived. After the defense interviewed several witnesses and pressed for contact information for additional witnesses that the girlfriend said would corroborate aspects of her story, the girlfriend stopped participating in the prosecution and the case was dismissed.