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Domestic Violence Assault 4th Degree — Two Witnesses Report Assault

RESULT  |  Represented alleged victim – Dismissed

A man had been dating a woman for a few weeks and was meeting her friends for the first time on a camping trip. The man suffered from diabetes and had forgotten to bring insulin to the campground. He had been fighting with the woman at the campground because she and her friends had been using drugs. Once he realized he needed his insulin, he got into the woman’s truck and left the campground to go get his insulin. He picked up belongings he had left at the woman’s apartment and left her truck there. The woman initially reported that her truck had been stolen but when the police could not take any action on the report (because she had given the man her keys), she then reported that the man had assaulted her. A friend at the campground reported that she had seen the assault. After investigating the case and pointing out problems with the case to the prosecutor, the case was dismissed.