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Domestic Violence Violation of Protection Order — Attempt to Alienate Kids

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A man who in the middle of a divorce had the right to have visitation with his children. The mother was attempting to alienate the father from his kids and no longer wanted the father in her life or the life of the children. When she could not achieve this goal through litigation in the family law case, the woman manufactured a reason to seek and obtain a protection order. She then falsely reported a violation of the protection order and the man was charged with that crime. The defense gathered a large amount of information that called into question the motives and credibility of the woman. The defense convinced the prosecutor that the woman was not credible and was likely making the criminal complaint so that the Court would agree that the man should not be able to visit with his children. The prosecutor dismissed the case.

Representation of Petitioner – Woman Falsely Claiming to be a Victim

RESULT  |  Prevailed and Order granted

A woman was stalking and harassing her ex-husband and those around him and claiming that she was actually the victim. There was a long history between the two and stacks of emails, text messages and other proof of the woman’s longstanding harassing behavior. Counsel for the man persuaded the court that the woman was the person doing the stalking and harassing and obtained an order for the protection of the man. The Court denied the woman’s request for mutual orders and assessed costs against her.

Representation of Respondent – Order Not Needed in family Dispute

RESULT  |  Prevailed and No Order granted

A man sought a protection order against a woman. The woman was in the middle of a contentious divorce with the man’s father and argued to the Court that the motivation for seeking the order was retaliation against the woman. The Court was persuaded that no order was needed to protect the man from the woman and no protection order was issued against the woman.

Anti-Harassment Order Obtained Against Prior Acquaintance Engaged in Stalking

RESULT  |   2 Year Anti-Harassment Order obtained to protect victim

A young woman in high school was being stalked by a prior acquaintance who was an older man. He was showing up at the park near her house and her school. The young woman was afraid of the older man because he seemed to have mental health problems and was saying irrational things to school officials. The young woman and her parents wished to obtain a protection order against the older man so that the police could arrest him if he continued to stalk her. Not only did the court grant a protection order, but it issued a two-year order after being convinced that the standard one-year order would not offer sufficient protection for the young woman.

Domestic Violence Assault 4th Degree Investigation and Protection Order Case — Woman Blamed Self-Inflicted Injuries on Her Boyfriend

RESULT  |  No protection order granted and no charges filed

A man was in a relationship with a woman who drank alcohol even though she was on a medication that was not supposed to be mixed with alcohol. On the night of the incident, the woman had been drinking and mixing her medication with alcohol. She provoked an argument with the man, who locked himself in a space apart from the woman. The woman banged on the door, screaming and threw glass at the door. At the end of the incident, the woman was bleeding and bruised and reported that the man had caused the injuries to her. This prompted a criminal investigation of the man. The woman also petitioned for a protection order against the man. After interviewing witnesses who were at the scene, documenting the damage to the scene and other important facts, the prosecutor’s office declined to file charges against the man and the woman’s petition for a protection order was denied.