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Making False Statements to Federal Officer — Woman Lied to Federal Authorities

RESULTS  |  No charges filed

A woman took in a girl and man who were traveling together. The woman did not know this, but the girl was a minor who was being victimized by the man who was acting as her “pimp.” The girl had told the woman that she had left an abusive home and was on the run to stay safe. When authorities investigating whether the girl was a victim of sex trafficking came to speak to the woman, she lied to authorities and claimed she had not had contact with the girl. The defense showed prosecutors that the woman believed she was protecting the girl and that she was especially vulnerable because of her own history of abuse and a head injury which had affected her decision-making ability. Based on this information, the prosecutors declined to press charges against the woman for making a false statement.

FederalKira Shea
Federal Drug Case — Misidentification by Informant

RESULT  |  Dismissed

An informant working for law enforcement misidentified a man as having been involved in drug dealing. The defense was able to show the prosecutors that the man had an alibi for the time he was allegedly at a drug deal and that he was not the person who had met with the informant. The informant then admitted to the prosecutors that he had misidentified the man and the case was dismissed.

FederalKira Shea
Representation of Petitioner – Woman Falsely Claiming to be a Victim

RESULT  |  Prevailed and Order granted

A woman was stalking and harassing her ex-husband and those around him and claiming that she was actually the victim. There was a long history between the two and stacks of emails, text messages and other proof of the woman’s longstanding harassing behavior. Counsel for the man persuaded the court that the woman was the person doing the stalking and harassing and obtained an order for the protection of the man. The Court denied the woman’s request for mutual orders and assessed costs against her.

Representation of Respondent – Order Not Needed in family Dispute

RESULT  |  Prevailed and No Order granted

A man sought a protection order against a woman. The woman was in the middle of a contentious divorce with the man’s father and argued to the Court that the motivation for seeking the order was retaliation against the woman. The Court was persuaded that no order was needed to protect the man from the woman and no protection order was issued against the woman.

Anti-Harassment Order Obtained Against Prior Acquaintance Engaged in Stalking

RESULT  |   2 Year Anti-Harassment Order obtained to protect victim

A young woman in high school was being stalked by a prior acquaintance who was an older man. He was showing up at the park near her house and her school. The young woman was afraid of the older man because he seemed to have mental health problems and was saying irrational things to school officials. The young woman and her parents wished to obtain a protection order against the older man so that the police could arrest him if he continued to stalk her. Not only did the court grant a protection order, but it issued a two-year order after being convinced that the standard one-year order would not offer sufficient protection for the young woman.

Assault (2nd Degree) and Burglary (2nd Degree) — Juvenile with Drug and Mental Health Issues

RESULT  |  Reduced charges and treatment

A young man allegedly assaulted his father by choking him, which was charged as a felony. The juvenile had substance abuse and mental health issues that had not been fully addressed. In this case, the defense was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor and family and individual counseling for the young man were put in place by the Court at sentencing. In a second case, the young man was accused of showing up at his counselor’s office and threatening him with a weapon. The defense was able to resolve the case without a long jail sentence by getting the juvenile accepted to the CLIP program (Children’s Long Term Inpatient Treatment) to deal with his mental health and substance abuse issues, which the Court agreed were at the root of his criminal conduct.

JuvenileKira Shea
Juvenile Court — Reckless Burning of School Property (2nd Degree)

RESULT  |  Diverted and Dismissed

A young man was charged with reckless burning for damaging some school property. The prosecutor’s office originally was unwilling to offer diversion, which is an option for a first offender where the case is ultimately dismissed upon completion of certain conditions. A barrier to resolving the case in this manner was a large amount of unpaid restitution for the damage. Defense counsel worked with the family and school district to figure out the amount the district paid to repair the damages and get the school reimbursed by the juvenile’s family. The case was then accepted for diversion and was ultimately dismissed.

JuvenileKira Shea
Assault (2nd Degree) — Self Defense

RESULT  |  Not Guilty at Trial

A young man was charged with second degree assault for displaying a knife to a mother and daughter. Cross-examination of the witnesses revealed that the knife was displayed in self-defense after the duo yelled racial slurs and hurled rocks at the young man. Based on this revelation, the Court found the young man not guilty because he had acted in self-defense.

JuvenileKira Shea
Assault (4th Degree) Domestic Violence

RESULT  |  Charges not filed

An argument broke out between family members at the graveside of someone in the family who had passed away. A woman’s father-in-law accused her of assaulting him even though she was the one who had been injured in the confrontation. The woman’s father-in-law was angry because he was in the middle of a divorce and the woman was supportive of her mother-in-law. After presenting evidence of the woman’s injuries to the prosecutor as well as information regarding her father-in-law’s stalking and victimization of her mother-in-law, the defense convinced the prosecutor that it should not bring charges against the woman, who was a mother with no prior criminal history.

Violation of Protection Order — Attempt to Alienate Client from Kids

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A man who in the middle of a divorce had the right to have visitation with his children. The mother was attempting to alienate the father from his kids and no longer wanted the father in her life or the life of the children. When she could not achieve this goal through litigation in the family law case, the woman manufactured a reason to seek and obtain a protection order. She then falsely reported a violation of the protection order and the man was charged with that crime. The defense gathered a large amount of information that called into question the motives and credibility of the woman. The defense convinced the prosecutor that the woman was not credible and was likely making the criminal complaint so that the Court would agree that the man should not be able to visit with his children. The prosecutor dismissed the case.

Violation of Protection Order — Accuser Credibility Issues

RESULT  |  Dismissed

During an acrimonious divorce, a woman accused her ex-husband of violating a protection order. In actuality, the woman had been harassing and stalking the husband and others associated with him. After compiling a packet of information regarding the ex-wife’s activities and submitting it to the prosecutor with a persuasive letter, the prosecutor decided to dismiss the charges against the man, indicating that she had been persuaded that the alleged victim had credibility issues.

Assault (4th Degree) — Client’s Girlfriend Injured

RESULT  |  Dismissed

The police were called to an apartment by a neighbor who heard yelling coming from an apartment and became concerned. The police knocked on the door of an apartment and saw a man in the apartment and a woman in bed covered by a sheet. When the police spoke to the woman, they saw she was injured and had been drinking. She indicated the man did not cause the injuries but that he had pushed her. The police were concerned about the presence of a sword in the apartment, though there was no allegation the sword had been used in any way during the incident. The case was set for trial, witnesses were interviewed and the case was dismissed prior to trial.

Assault (4th Degree) — Accusation During Child Custody Fight

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A woman was accused of assaulting her child’s father by pushing him backwards toward or into his car during an argument. The argument occurred because the father did not make it clear to the woman where the child was. The accusation of assault by the father of the child arose simultaneously with the end of the relationship between the woman and the child’s father and a custody battle over the child as well as arguments over the division of assets between the couple. The defense brought some issues to the attention of the prosecutor about the allegation and prior allegations made by the father of the child that raised some questions about his credibility. In the meantime, the family case was resolved by a family law attorney with some requirements of the woman that addressed the prosecution’s concerns about the woman. The criminal case was dismissed.

Assault (4th Degree) for Parental Discipline

RESULT  |  Not Guilty

A hard-working, law-abiding man was charged with assault for disciplining his teenage step-children at their mother’s request. The man used other progressive forms of discipline before resorting to hitting the children with his belt. Despite photos showing injuries to both teenagers, the man was found not guilty because the jury agreed that he was using reasonable parental discipline.

Harassment Charge After Breakup

RESULT  |  Not Guilty

A gentle and law-abiding man was charged with threatening to hurt his ex-girlfriend. After investigation to prepare the case and cross-examination of the girlfriend at trial, the jury concluded that the ex-girlfriend had fabricated the story as retaliation for the man breaking up with her.

Assault (2nd Degree) — 911 Tape of Call by Client Lost

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A man was charged with hitting his girlfriend and causing serious injuries. Defense investigation revealed that the man had been injured first and very seriously by his girlfriend and that it was he who had called 911. The defense documented his injuries and retained an expert to testify that his injuries were life-threatening at trial. At trial, it was revealed that the prosecution had lost the 911 tape which showed that it was the man who contacted the police for help. After convincing the court that this was a legitimate self-defense case and that a critical piece of evidence had been lost, the case was dismissed.

Assault (4th Degree) — Nurse Charged with Assaulting Her Boyfriend When She Was Actually the Victim

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A woman with no prior criminal history and a nursing license was assaulted by her boyfriend after they had been drinking in celebration of her birthday. The woman attempted to defend herself. She then called the police, but the boyfriend took the phone away from her and reported that he had been assaulted. When the police arrived, they concluded that the boyfriend, who had a prior domestic violence assault conviction, was the victim, and they arrested the woman. After doing some investigation on the case, including interviewing the boyfriend’s prior domestic violence assault victim, the defense conferred with the prosecution and convinced them that the woman was the actual victim in the case.

Representation of Alleged Domestic Violence Victim Whose Glasses Were Broken By Her Husband

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A husband and wife got into an argument at their home. The man ended up breaking the woman’s glasses and the woman called the police. The woman said she did not want the man arrested, but just wanted a record of what had occurred. The man was charged with domestic violence assault. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case after receiving a letter from counsel on the woman’s behalf arguing that the case should not be prosecuted.

Representation of Alleged Domestic Violence Victim Who Denied Assault

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A husband and wife were on their way home from a weekend night out. The woman was intoxicated and had an agreement with her husband that he was to keep her safe and not allow her to take off on her own, which she often tried to do while intoxicated. Witnesses saw the man try to physically restrain the woman and believed what they were witnessing was a domestic violence assault. They called the police and the man was arrested. The woman always maintained that her husband had not assaulted her. The husband was charged and a no contact order was issued. After appearing at a hearing with the woman, the court agreed to lift the no contact order and after persuading the prosecutor that no assault had taken place, the case against the husband was dismissed.