Consultations & Fees

Please have answers to the following questions ready when we discuss your case:

  • What is the charge?
  • What court is your case in?
  • What is your case number?
  • What is your next court date?


The purpose of a phone consultation is so that I can evaluate the scope of the representation and propose a fee agreement. I consult with potential clients who are planning to hire an attorney to represent them in a criminal or protection order case. I do not consult with people who are not planning to hire an attorney. I provide prospective clients an initial phone consultation to review the basics of the case and based on that consultation, I will provide to you a proposal for a fee. Each case is different and I craft fee agreements that are tailored to each case. Once we agree on a fee arrangement, we will generally meet in person, both sign the written fee agreement and you will be provided with a copy. During the representation, I will provide detailed billing statements to you. It is important to me that our fee agreement and the billing process be clear to you.


I consult with people in person who are seeking my assessment of their case or a second opinion. Generally, this can be accomplished in one in-person meeting that lasts one or two hours. During that time, I will speak to you about the case and review any materials you bring to me. To the extent possible from the materials and information provided, I will give you my assessment of the case, the strategy I would pursue in handling the case and I will answer questions that you have. For in-person consultations, I charge my hourly rate. I will expect you to bring cash or a money order for the amount of time you wish to meet with me and payment will be due before we begin the meeting.



Our agreement regarding fees for the case will be written down in a document we both sign called the fee agreement. For most cases, I request that a certain amount be paid at the beginning of the representation to my law firm’s trust account. The amount to be paid up front is different for each case and is based on my assessment of the work likely to be involved in the representation. I work on the case and bill for my time on an hourly basis. I periodically send invoices to you which are paid from the money in the trust account. Our agreement will provide that a minimum amount of funds be kept in the trust account at all times during the representation. Any funds not used in this type of agreement will be refunded to you once the case has been completed.

For some types of cases involving a limited amount of work, I may propose a flat fee agreement, where all work will be completed for a sum of money we mutually agree upon.


I accept credit cards, personal checks, money orders, or cash. I charge a $30 fee for delinquent checks.