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Jennifer Horwitz Law regularly handles all types of restraining orders for clients in Seattle and around Washington State, including anti-harassment protection orders. Whether you are seeking or defending against an anti-harassment protection order, you need the informed representation and caring, efficient service lead attorney Jennifer Horowtiz provides.

Jennifer has achieved positive outcomes in anti-harassment protection order cases and is well-equipped to pursue or defend against this order as the situation requires. Above all, Jennifer will never judge you and will work tirelessly to make sure your rights are protected. 

No matter which side of the dispute you are on, you need an experienced Seattle civil protection order attorney at your side. Contact Jennifer Horwitz Law today for a confidential consultation. 

Representing Clients in Seattle Anti-Harassment Orders Cases

Protection orders are designed to stop two individuals from having physical or verbal contact. Such orders of protection are typically associated with domestic violence cases and may require the alleged perpetrator to stay a specified distance away from the victim, as well as the victim’s home, workplace, or school. 

An anti-harassment protection order, unlike a domestic violence restraining order, is a civil order that a person can obtain if he or she can show that another person has harassed them, but the two do not have a familial or dating relationship. 

This type of restraining order is typically filed against parties for allegedly engaging in harassment or other unlawful conduct that intentionally annoys, frightens, or causes emotional distress to the party seeking the order. These proceedings often involve neighbors, co-workers, or people who do not know each other well. Given the challenges of proving or defending against alleged harassment, it is wise to work with an experienced protection order attorney like Jennifer Horwitz. 

How Do I Obtain Anti-Harassment Orders in Seattle Washington?

If you are seeking an anti-harassment protection order, it is necessary to show the harassing actions:

  • Would cause a reasonable person to feel substantial emotional distress
  • Involve a series of acts, rather than a single harassing episode
  • Took place over a period of time, even if it is only a short period of time

The court will consider several factors to determine if there is harassment including whether:

  • Both parties are contacting one another or the communication or contact is one-sided
  • The alleged perpetrator has been clearly told that no further contact is wanted
  • The contact creates a hostile or intimidating environment or interferes with the victim’s privacy

Ultimately, the parties involved in an anti-harassment protection order case are not married, do not have children together, and have not shared a household. 

The court may issue a temporary protection order that may last for up to 14 days or one year, and, depending on the circumstances, may even be made permanent. If the anti-harassment order is violated, the perpetrator is subject to arrest and criminal charges, including contempt.

Why Choose Jennifer Horwitz Law

Jennifer Horwitz has extensive experience prosecuting and defending various types of protection order cases. Whether you are the individual seeking an anti-harassment protection order (the petitioner) or the person defending yourself against the order (the respondent), Jennifer will provide you with powerful representation when you need it most. If you have safety concerns, she will also help you take the necessary measures to protect yourself. 

Jennifer will work with you to collect evidence that supports your position, including:

  • Police reports
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Medical records
  • Photos, statements of witnesses who know something about the parties or their relationship

Jennifer Horwitz is highly adept at investigating the relevant information, presenting compelling evidence to the court, and forcefully advocating for her clients. Trust Jennifer to argue strongly for your position and make sure your rights are protected.

The Process for Obtaining an Order of Protection

To obtain an anti-harassment protection order, the victim must file a petition alleging harassment with the court, accompanied by a sworn affidavit specifying what occurred that provides a basis for the petition. It is important to note that the petition can be filed regardless of whether the victim has filed a police report. 

If a child is being harassed, his or her parent may seek a protection order to restrain an adult from contacting the child, but it is necessary to show that the contact could harm the child’s welfare. To obtain a protective order against an alleged perpetrator that is also under age 18, however, he or she must have been adjudicated or be under investigation for an offense against the child. 

Ultimately, the court will consider how severe the harassing conduct is, whether there is evidence of emotional or physical harm and the difficulty or expense of transferring the alleged perpetrator to another school. 

Contact an Experienced Anti-Harassment Orders Lawyer in the Seattle Area

Whether you are petitioning for or defending against an anti-harassment order of protection in Washington, it takes a skilled anti-harassment orders attorney to evaluate your situation and design a strategy to achieve a favorable outcome. Contact Jennifer Horwitz Law now to set up an appointment.

Jennifer Horwitz helps clients obtain or respond to requests for anti-harassment orders in Seattle and all throughout Washington State and King County including Bellevue, Issaquah, and Sammamish.