She Got My Case Dismissed

Jennifer is high energy, very present. She listens and remembers well. She does things with dispatch. Indeed, she got my case dismissed (better than I had hoped!) and I didn't even have to go to trial, which of course, saved me money. It was my first success after a long, drawn out battle in civil court, same antagonists. Jennifer is eloquent and somehow managed to digest a vast amount of detailed information in order to respond beautifully on my behalf. She was recommended to me and I recommend her as well.

Highly Recommend - Amazing Attorney for a Client with Mental Health Issues

We hired Jennifer to represent me after an unfortunate incident led to me being arrested and having domestic violence charges filed against me. I am so glad we hired Jennifer. From day one, she worked tirelessly to represent me and present the mitigating factors in my case to the prosecutor. This incident was a direct result of my mental health issues and Jennifer was so compassionate during this difficult time and also very supportive of my treatment. I was also dealing with the potential fallout for my professional license and Jennifer connected me with a knowledgeable attorney who was able to advise me how to handle the situation with minimal damage to my career. I was always impressed with how quickly Jennifer responded to my inquiries. Her expertise made this difficult process as smooth as possible. Jennifer made me feel involved in my case. I am so thankful we hired Jennifer and I could not asked for an attorney who was more knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.

Dedicated, Trustworthy and Very Caring Attorney - Case Dismissed!

My daughter was so lucky to find Jennifer Horwitz to represent her. She is very professional and also extremely dedicated and caring. She was always available when we needed her. She made a very stressful time in our lives a lot easier to cope with. We liked that she handles everything herself instead of delegating to other people to cover hearings or do the work on the case. She would find answers to any questions I brought to her. We would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone that needs a criminal defense attorney or someone to represent them in a domestic violence case.

First Rate!

Jennifer was a Godsend on a domestic violence case that was eventually dismissed! She took the necessary steps in the case but was also mindful of my time and the expense of the case. She is a fighter and can hold her own even in federal court. I could recommend her any day, she was worth every dollar I spent! Thanks again!

A sincere, assertive and life-saving advocate!

I was referred to Jennifer by a friend shortly after my domestic violence arrest, and she helped me navigate one of the darkest periods in my life. Hiring Jennifer was truly the best thing I could have done. She immediately empathized and assured me that she would not accept a bad outcome or “deal.” Her calming, yet direct demeanor put things in perspective and helped me feel much more at ease in a difficult situation. Jennifer knew exactly when to be delicate, assertive and aggressive in dealing with the involved parties. It didn’t matter what day of the week, or what time of the day - she was always responsive and answered my questions immediately. Eventually my case was dismissed! Thank you so much, Jennifer!

This Attorney Won my Bid for Clemency and Now I'm Free

As a three-strike inmate with no possibility of parole who had served nearly 25 years in prison, and having exhausted all my other appeals and remedies, I found my true champion in Jennifer Horwitz. Clemency was my last and only chance to ever see release. She went above anything I could have hoped for in this pursuit. She took on my case with total commitment and attention to every detail. She guided me and my family members in all the steps needed to achieve this and totally facilitated my grant of clemency in a 4-0 decision by the Clemency and Pardons Board to recommend release to the Governor. I write this as a free man, my life back with my loving family and I owe this all to Jennifer, her professionalism, her guidance and her judgment. I highly recommend Jennifer as an advocate!

Highly Recommend for Alleged Victim Who Does Not Want Case Prosecuted

My boyfriend was falsely charged with a domestic violence assault charge on New Year’s eve against me, based on false accusations made by a bystander to the police. I wanted to do whatever I could to help the case, so I hired Jennifer to advocate for me and tell my side of the story, since no assault ever occurred. Jennifer came highly rated on Avvo and for good reason. She is a very sharp, intuitive, empathetic and passionate lawyer. She is an excellent orator in the courtroom and is well known and respected in the Seattle courts. She worked closely with my boyfriend’s attorney and brought us the best outcome possible in the most timely fashion a dismissal at the first pretrial hearing. Throughout the process, Jennifer was extremely sweet and patient with me, answering all of my questions and addressing all of my concerns with excellent legal advice. At every step of the process, she did a great job of managing my expectations, while ensuring that I did not lost heart. I highly recommend Jennifer both for domestic violence “victims” who do not want the case prosecuted (because they do not feel they have been victimized) and for people accused of these crimes.

Competent, Smart, Empathetic and Trustworthy

Jennifer is smart, empathetic and trustworthy. I can’t think of better hands to be in when facing criminal charges. She handled my mental health issues and minority status with empathy and understanding and competently presented my case in court. I couldn’t have had a better outcome with a dismissal of a questionable domestic violence charge brought against me by my wife. Jennifer is a lawyer I truly trust.

Incredible Representation - from a Woman Whose Case Was Dismissed

I found Jennifer on Avvo and decided to get in contact with her after reading some of her previous testimonials and seeing that she had previously represented someone in a similar situation to mine. From the consultation, I could see Jennifer had my best interests in mind. She was informative and efficient, while explaining things in a way that I could understand. I ended up dismissing my public defender, after not being given any options or having anyone explain the process to me, which I needed because I had never before been in trouble with the law. I worked with Jennifer for about three weeks before the case against me was dismissed. I could not have asked for anyone better. She was accessible outside of meetings, gave me a comprehensive breakdown of costs and explained the court process. I would not hesitate to recommend her to someone else facing charges. She made a very difficult time in my life feel slightly less overwhelming. Thank you, Jennifer.

Simply Outstanding and Exceptional - Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

No words can explain just how lucky my family and I were to have Jennifer represent myself in a case where I was falsely accused of sexual assault. I was scared for my life on such a charge that would harm my future. I consulted with a number of lawyers that specialized in sex cases, but after a friend recommended Jennifer and I consulted with her, I knew she was the person to represent me. She understood that anything other than a dismissal or winning in court was not going to fly. Money wasn’t the priority for her. It seemed that she actually cared about me and believed me from the very start until the very end. The case took about a year before it was finally dismissed. During that year, Jennifer was so supportive of me and my family, through one of the scariest experiences we had ever gone through - having me falsely accused of a crime. Jennifer understood the fear and was friendly and eased my anxiety. She provided us weekly updates and explained what was ahead in a step-by-step way. She was tireless in interviewing witnesses and finding experts for the case. She found the smallest details in what witnesses said to help make a difference in the case. Due to her hard work, she was able to present the prosecutor so much evidence that supported that this was, in fact, a false accusation, that the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone, I truly think she is the best defense lawyer in Washington!

Excellent advocate for Child rights

Jennifer expertly advised us on a complicated criminal case involving my teen son being assaulted by his Mom, who is a schoolteacher and martial arts expert. She ethically represented my son, coordinated with our family attorney and my son is now safe, happy and healthy living in our home.

Compassion, Acceptance and Great Result

Jennifer Horwitz truly cares about her clients. My case was a bit involved and encompassed multiple facets that she attended to with concern and care. I was arrested for Domestic Violence, Assault in the 4th Degree. That night I blacked out due to my alcohol consumption and low blood sugar; I am a Type 1 Diabetic. During the case Jennifer helped me to realize that I needed better control over my Diabetes as well as needing to get treatment for my alcoholism. I now have an insulin pump and have been sober for several months. Part of my underlying problems with alcohol stemmed from being a transgender woman. Jennifer accepted me from the very start, supported me in coming out to the public and helped to get the court to address me as “she” and Miss. Due to her caring and concern for me personally, not just as a case, we were able to resolve the case with no jail time. Jennifer truly cares for her clients. We are not just cases to her. She is caring, compassionate and passionate about helping her clients get through difficult times in our lives.  Not only did Jennifer represent me, she has become a dear friend and ally.

Intelligence, Professionalism, Strength and Unwavering Support

I’m so fortunate I found Jennifer when I did. I was blindsided by an ex-boyfriend who I found out had a criminal record, substance abuse issues, and a history of harassing women. I urgently needed a protective order, and the case was highly complex and difficult. Jennifer handled everything – from dealing with me as a client in a turbulent situation to handling a highly sophisticated, manipulative, and dangerous defendant – with intelligence, professionalism, strength, clarity, and unwavering support. She provided essential legal help to me at a time when I desperately needed only the very best to get through a terrible ordeal. Her advice was always thoughtful, nuanced, and strategic. She followed through on everything she said she’d do, and always kept my best interests front of mind. I felt I had a real partner during one of the most difficult experiences of my life, and it was invaluable. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat and highly recommend her to others.

An outstanding attorney who has saved me twice

Jennifer on two occasions has been successful in getting domestic violence charges against me dropped. When I very unluckily got a second charge on me I knew immediately that I was going to go to her for a second time. She is a very experienced attorney who commands respect in the courtroom. Most of the times in court my case would be the first called due to her diligence. She covers all aspects and has genuine concern for her clients. She will listen to you and devise a game plan that will be well thought out and will keep you updated on any new details. If you need a lifesaver Jennifer is as close as it gets. I do not throw five stars around lightly but in this case if I could give her ten I would. You can count on her to do everything possible to fix your situation.

Outstanding, Competent and Trustworthy Attorney

Jennifer is an outstanding attorney. I would trust her to represent me in the most difficult and serious of legal cases. She was always quick to respond to me and was successful in getting my case dismissed before trial. I am grateful for her efforts while representing me and would highly recommend her. I hope that I will never need another criminal defense attorney but if I do I will only call Jennifer."

Attorney Who Understands Complex Situations and Organize a Persuasive Defense

Ms. Horwitz has a gift to understand complex situations and then the ability to organize and concisely articulate and present a persuasive argument. She carefully listens, understands, researches, and presents realistic options, and lays out a course of action to follow. She is honest, straight forward and possesses integrity. She is determined and can be a bull-dog if needed. In my case it dealt with a false claim of violating a Domestic Violence Protection Order by an ex-spouse. The result was all changes were dropped by the Prosecuting Attorney.

Outstanding and caring criminal defense attorney after ugly divorce

My husband and I turned to Jennifer for help when a nasty divorce and custody battle turned into criminal accusations. Our first attorney didn’t seem to have any clear plan so we fired him and hired Jennifer. Jennifer was able to put together a narrative of all the events that had transpired over three years leading to these charges. She wrote an impassioned, well-reasoned letter to the prosecutor, after sorting through hundreds of supporting documents. In the end, all charges were dismissed and the prosecutor was so disgusted with the situation she said in open court that the complaining witness was completely unreliable. If it weren’t for Jennifer’s hard work, my husband would never have been able to defend himself in any meaningful way against these charges. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re charged with a crime, and Jennifer is very good at looking at all the possibilities and figuring out the strongest possible defense. If you are an ex-husband falsely accused, Jennifer is the attorney for you. She listens, she cares, and she’s very good at managing everyone’s worry and varying interests. Even as “just the wife” (ie, I was not the client), she was very patient with my questions and made me feel empowered. This whole situation was absolutely terrifying but ended with a pure win for us and for Jennifer. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Experienced Federal Criminal Attorney

She is a lawyer that knows what she does. She is great at what she does. Once you talk to her, she has all the answers to your questions. We highly recommend her to anyone.

A Professional Who Helped Reduce the Stress of a Criminal Charge

Jennifer Horwitz was referred to us by a friend, a few years ago in regards to our teenager. We never had any experience with lawyers before, or legal issues, and Jennifer was very professional, knowledgeable, and put our mind at ease regarding our issues. They were handled in a timely manner, and it wasn’t as scary as it could have been. Several years later, we needed a lawyer again regarding one of our teenagers, this time more serious, and even though our situation was not something she did on a regular basis, she did take our case, made a very stressful situation not so bad. I would recommend her to anyone who needs representation.

An Attorney Who is Passionate About Criminal Defense

As a long time Microsoft employee and a law abiding citizen, I thought I would never need a criminal defense lawyer. I was wrong and suddenly I was involved in something that could cause me to be on the defending side of the federal law. I interviewed five lawyers before I talked to Jennifer and I immediately decided to hire Jennifer for her approaches to the legal matters and attention to details. Some lawyers would first try to use scare factor and make you think that you need to hire them or you are forever screwed, while Jennifer first try to understand the issue and every possible details of the case before offering any legal advice and defend strategy. The fact that Jennifer has been a public defender also played a role in my hiring decisions. To me, it is important to hire someone with lots of experience but the most important thing is to hire a lawyer who is passionate about defending people. It turned out to be the right decision and Jennifer started working on behalf of me right away and the entire problem I had with the government was solved in matter of days without going to court. Jennifer is a great lawyer and also someone with high integrity. I sincerely recommend Jennifer in case you need a criminal defense lawyer.

A Kind and Genuine Professional

I sought out Jennifer for assistance with a case that was, in some respects, a bit unusual. Jennifer didn’t mind, however, and not only handled my case with care, but went beyond what I considered to be her responsibilities. I always felt in possession of all pertinent details of the goings on regarding my case and aware of everything that needed my attention. She made clear to me how she was representing things when speaking with others. Jennifer was a kind and genuine professional.

None better for my money — Excellent trial skills

As a family of color we have experienced more than our share of disrespect from “some” authority figures, so it was a breath of fresh air to be treated with such abiding care and concern. Ms. Horwitz’ firm came highly recommended by the North West Womens Law Center,with whom we have had past experiences. My Domestic partner and I were represented by several of their lawyers during our bid for equal rights. So as you can see we have had some exposure to a good many great attorneys. Ms Horwitz treated my whole family with respect and as much inclusion as she could. This was not our experience with the court appointed / public defender my son was assigned at first. I am well aware of the thankless job they have to do, but there is no need to be rude to the families of the people they are representing. We felt Jennifer did a stellar job with jury selection. She also did her homework and came prepared for court every day. Jennifer was professional, kind, and directive in the ways that she handled both us and the court. Her closing arguments were both powerful and to the point. As a concerned family we felt she did an outstanding job both in and out of court. This was not just our lay opinion. There was an older attorney who attended a lot of the sessions and stated how impressed he was with her performance. Our son was acquitted of the accusations (1) because he was innocent and (2) because of the great representation he received. Our system could use more professionals like Ms. Horwitz.

Client-Centered and Pragmatic

Jennifer has always maintained a client-centered practice. She has a knack for connecting with people on their level, while never portraying an air of superiority. Her clients both trust and respect her. She is both intelligent and compassionate, always displaying a caring manner in her interactions with clients. Jennifer has an impressive ability to build and maintain a trusting relationship with even the most difficult of personalities. She is kind and patient in every situation, regardless of the level of agitation and frustration the client may be exhibiting. Her ability to maintain her focus and balance on a consistent basis is part of what makes her such an outstanding advocate Jennifer has a way of negotiating and problem-solving that achieves the best result for her client without damaging her credibility or relationship with other parties to the case. She understands that while there exists a naturally adversarial relationship with the prosecuting attorney, it is vitally important for her client that she is able to work well with her opponents in the system. She deftly manages to carry out her various roles brilliantly, always emerging with her reputation and her client’s trust intact. Jennifer is as intelligent as she is compassionate, as creative as she is pragmatic, and as flexible as she is committed. She has a superior mind and a caring manner. Her work is meaningful to her and the people she works for matter to her.

Tenacious Work Ethic

Jennifer is an extraordinary advocate for her clients. Time and time again her tenacious work ethic obtains excellent results for her clients. She is a skilled trial advocate who has successfully defended many clients. It is always an honor to collaborate with her.

Savvy, Tenacious and Creative Representation

Jennifer Horwitz is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend her to any potential client without reservations. Jennifer is a savvy, tenacious litigator and advocate. No matter how hopeless the case may seem, Jennifer will defend your case thoughtfully and creatively to obtain the best result possible whether trial or plea bargain.

Straight Shooter Who Delivers Results

I wanted an attorney with good solid credentials, someone with years of legal experience, someone who was smart, honest, savvy, someone who could articulate concisely a convincing argument. I could care less about the curb appeal of fancy suits or dresses of false hope. I desired a straight shooter.  What did matter was someone who took the time to understand my personal situation and deliver results and advocate for justice.

Highly recommended, experienced attorney crafted comprehensive defense

I had never had any legal issues prior to this situation, and Jennifer Horwitz came highly recommended from another excellent attorney who had worked with her for many years. Jennifer returned my call within hours and put together a comprehensive defense for my case over the course of a few months. The outcome of the case was the best result I could have hoped for, and I would highly recommend Jennifer to other clients.

This was a DV Assault Case Based on a False Accusation and Self-Inflicted Injuries by the Alleged Victim that was Dismissed:

I found Jennifer online and set up a consultation, after going to court with a different attorney three times, who did nothing but requested continuances. Just waiting for the prosecutor to offer a deal. (Never listening, or helping me understand the process). I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community and my ex partner falsely accused me of DV two weeks before I was moving out of the country. Jennifer cared and understood my anxiety, and fear I was feeling of being falsely accused. She was upfront, right to the point, laying out my options, which earned my trust. Jennifer, listen to me and all the evidence I provide to her. She had great communication with me, even with the time difference. Having her guidance helped put my mind at ease. Because of her hard work, she was able to present the evidence over to the prosecutor that led them to dismiss my case. After being on the bad side of the judicial system, I understand why there are so many horror stories. It was extremely scary for me. The anxiety alone will stay with me. Had I not had Jennifer in my corner helping me, fighting for me, I'm sure the outcome would have been more life changing than it already was. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone in need of an attorney. She is truly one of the good ones.

This was on a renewal request for a lifetime sexual assault protection orders when prior lifetime orders had been denied:

Jennifer did a wonderful job. She answered my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully in a timely manner. She took the time to explain our argument and ensured everything was very clear and to the point for the court. She was especially good at making sure that I was comfortable with what we filed and made sure that I had the opportunity to add or change anything. That really made me feel like she were on my side and listening. She were very clear about the costs and conscientious of managing time and resources so I don't think there were any surprises there. I cannot think of anything that I would change or that I was unhappy with. Even if we had lost or just gotten a shorter renewal I still think I would have felt that she did a wonderful job and was worth the cost and time.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.