Victories: Sex Crimes

Felony Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed

RESULT  |  Dismissed

A man was accused by a woman in a group of friends of touching her sexually and without her consent at a party at someone’s home. The woman who made the accusation had been drinking over the course of several hours and was in the bathroom trying to throw up. The man, who was a health care professional, went into the bathroom to see if he could help the woman. The woman’s boyfriend, a good friend of the man she accused, was asleep just feet away from the bathroom during the alleged assault. The woman did not tell anyone about her accusation until the next morning when she alerted some members in the group (and the police) that the man had touched her sexually without her consent the night before. When the man was told that the accusation had been made against him, he fully cooperated with police, answering all of their questions, providing a written statement denying the assault, and providing a DNA sample when police said they had a sample to compare it to that was taken from the accuser (this was not true, but was designed to bring to light whether the man would offer a sample of his DNA). After interviewing witnesses and retaining two experts, the prosecutor was convinced he should dismiss all charges against the man, who had no prior criminal history.

Rape — Family Friend Charged with Raping Teenage Girl

RESULT  |  Not Guilty at Trial

A devoted family man with a loving wife and children was charged with raping a teenage girl. The children in both families had been friends for years and the allegation was a shock to everyone. Investigation revealed that the girl had lied to the police, lied about being pregnant and had previously lied to others about being pregnant to get attention. After a two-week long jury trial, the man was found not guilty.