False Accusations of Rape in Domestic Violence Cases

Being falsely accused of rape in a domestic violence case can be life-altering. No one can deny that domestic violence is a serious matter. But false accusations of violence, abuse, or rape are never justified. If you have been falsely accused of rape by a spouse or partner, turn to Jennifer Horwitz Law.

Jennifer Horwitz is highly experienced at handling domestic violence cases in Seattle and around Washington, including those involving false accusations of rape. Knowing that a false rape accusation can result in a wrongful conviction and lasting reputational harm, Jennifer will provide you with aggressive representation when you need it most.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience handling domestic violence cases, Jennifer Horwitz knows how to fight back against false accusations of rape and will make sure your rights are protected. Contact her Seattle office today to set up a confidential consultation.

What Is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic violence involves harmful acts toward a spouse, partner, other loved ones, or those living in the same household. Domestic violence is defined as physical harm, bodily injury, assault, sexual assault (rape), threats, and other harmful conduct. 

Domestic violence itself is a crime, but sexual assault and rape are serious felony charges that can result in a lengthy prison sentence. And a false accusation of rape in a domestic violence case can permanently damage your reputation even if you are not convicted. Trust Jennifer Horwitz Law to fight for the truth and work to clear your name.

A Look at False Accusations of Rape in Marriage and Domestic Violence Cases

There was a time Washington State law had a marital exception for rape: the fact that two individuals were married was an absolute defense against sexual assault by one partner against the other. Today, the fact that two people are married is no longer a valid defense if one spouse accuses the other of rape in a domestic violence case. The same holds true for unmarried partners in a relationship. 

But what about false accusations of rape? 

Domestic violence is horrible, however, false accusations are not uncommon in contentious divorce cases and other family law disputes. If you are facing accusations of rape by a spouse or partner, you need to know what you are up against. 

Though state prosecutors take rape very seriously, they must be able to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Ultimately, it takes an experienced Seattle domestic violence attorney to defend you against false accusations of domestic violence and rape.

This is where Jennifer Horwitz Law comes in. Jennifer has a well-earned reputation as a highly skilled criminal defense attorney who makes the law work for the wrongly accused. Because she also represents victims of rape and domestic violence, Jennifer profoundly understands the heinous nature of these criminal offenses. But anyone who has been accused of a crime has the presumption of innocence. If you have been falsely accused of rape in a domestic violence case, you deserve justice. 

Sexual Assault and Rape Are Serious Crimes in Washington State

The state applies the same definition of sexual assault to spousal and domestic partner situations as situations between strangers (though the majority of rape victims know the perpetrator).

The Revised Code of Washington states that any reference to the terms “spouse, marriage, marital, husband, wife, widow, widower, next of kind, and family” applies equally to people state registered domestic partnerships as it does to married people. 

In any event, rape is a type of sexual assault that occurs when the offender forces the victim to engage in some form of sexual intercourse against the victim’s will or without their consent.

Under Washington State Law, there are three degrees of rape, each a serious felony charge that carries the potential for large fines and imprisonment. 

How Jennifer Horwitz Law Can Help with False Accusationos of Rape

If you have been falsely accused of rape in a domestic violence case, you face an uphill battle. Police officers and prosecutors have a head start collecting evidence and building a case, which puts you at a disadvantage. It takes a skilled criminal attorney like Jennifer Horwitz to level the playing field by:

  • Conducting an extensive investigation
  • Carefully weighing the evidence against you
  • Looking for inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statement
  • Vigorously defending you at trial

Given that there are usually no witnesses in rape and domestic violence cases, prosecutors will rely on the victim’s testimony and medical records documenting the alleged sexual assault. Jennifer will leverage her skills and experience to challenge the evidence against you and make sure your rights are protected.

Contact An Experienced Seattle Domestic Violence Attorney Today

Domestic violence is a serious matter, but being falsely accused of rape can have lasting repercussions. The best way to protect your rights, your future, and your good name is to have the powerful representation Jennifer Lawrence Law provides. Contact Jennifer today so she can start working on your case. Jennifer Horwitz is located in Seattle, WA, and also serves the areas in and around King County, Issaquah, Sammamish, and Bellevue.