Seattle Burglary and Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been arrested for burglary and domestic violence in Washington State, you face an uncertain future. A conviction can result in jail time, fines, and additional penalties. Even if you are not convicted, a domestic violence charge can cause lasting harm to your reputation. The best way to protect your rights and your standing in the community is to have a strong legal defense. 

That’s where Jennifer Horwitz Law comes in. Lead attorney Jennifer Horwitz is highly experienced in handling domestic violence cases, both defending those who have been falsely accused and helping victims get the protection they need. If you are facing burglary and domestic violence charges, she will fight to protect your freedom and your future.

Given the lasting repercussions of a domestic violence accusation, it is crucial to have the informed representation Jennifer Horwitz provides. Contact her Seattle office today so she can start working on your case. 

When Domestic Violence Involves Burglary 

Under Washington law, there are several offenses that can result in domestic violence charges, including burglary — a theft crime that involves unlawfully entering a premises, often with the intent of violence. 

In a domestic violence case, two degrees of burglary can be charged:

  • Second-degree burglary — A person can be charged with burglary in the second degree if he or she enters or remains unlawfully in a dwelling other than a car with the intent to commit a crime against a person or property therein. This offense is a Class B felony, punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.
  • First-degree burglary — This is a more serious offense and one that is also more common in domestic violence cases. Burglary in the first degree involves unlawfully entering or remaining in a dwelling with similar criminal intent and (1) being armed with a deadly weapon or (2) assaulting any person. This is a Class A felony, punishable by life imprisonment and a $50,000 fine.

While the more serious offense involves violence or a deadly weapon, both are felonies and can result in steep penalties. This is why you need an experienced Seattle domestic violence attorney at your side. Jennifer Horwitz regularly defends clients throughout the state against burglary and domestic violence charges and will work to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 

When Does a Crime Become a Domestic Violence Offense in Seattle?

A violent crime can also be considered a domestic violence offense if it is committed by one family or household member against another family or household member — spouses, ex-spouses, individuals in dating relationships, children, parents. 

In these situations, prosecutors will determine whether or not the offense constitutes domestic violence. In short, burglary charges can become domestic violence if you are accused of entering or refusing to leave a house, business, or dwelling, or using a deadly weapon, or committing an act of violence against a family or household member. 

In addition to potential imprisonment and fines, you may also be subject to a no-contact order that prevents you from returning to your home or seeing your children. A domestic violence conviction also means that you will have a permanent criminal record, which can adversely impact your parental rights and limit your employment or housing opportunities. With so much to lose, it is imperative to have an experienced domestic violence defense attorney in your corner.

Why Choose Jennifer Horwitz Law?

If you have been charged with burglary and domestic violence, contact our Seattle criminal defense attorney right away. The state has already started building a case against you and prosecutors have the upper hand. Being arrested for domestic violence does not mean that you will be convicted; you must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. When you work with Jennifer, she will:  

  • Conduct an extensive investigation
  • Examine the evidence against you
  • Challenge the alleged victim’s story
  • Choose the best line of defense

Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to show that you lacked the requisite intent to commit burglary or that the accusations of domestic violence are false. While the objective is to win an acquittal, the circumstances may dictate negotiating a plea bargain. Trust Jennifer to work in your best interests at all times, protect your rights, and achieve a positive outcome. 

Contact Our Seattle Domestic Violence Burglary Defense Attorney

Being charged with any type of domestic violence is frightening. Adding burglary to the mix only makes matters more complicated. It takes a skilled domestic violence defense attorney to help you fight the charges and avoid a conviction. 

Jennifer Horwitz has a well-deserved reputation as a trusted advocate who works to resolve domestic violence cases for the benefit of all concerned. Don’t let a misunderstanding rise to the level of a burglary and domestic violence conviction. Contact Jennifer today to get started.

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