Screening Form for Paid Consult with Jennifer Horwitz Law ($500)

Types of Cases Jennifer Horwitz Consults on:

  • Pre-charge criminal investigations and allegations (state and federal but not DUI cases)
  • Protection order cases (on behalf of both petitioner and respondent) and issues where someone is considering requesting a protection order (that are not related to ongoing divorce and child custody cases), 
  • clemency and pardon case evaluations
  • ongoing criminal cases in which the client is having issues with their counsel.  

** Please review Jennifer Horwitz’ areas of practice before booking a paid one-hour consult.

Provide your name, email and phone number below.
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Jennifer is often available weekdays from 11:00-4:00 to start a consult and at 9:30 am Saturday and Sunday. Please give Jennifer Horwitz three days and times (with date) that you would be available to consult. Jennifer will pick from those times and reach out to you to set the appointment. Once you agree on a time, Jennifer Horwitz will send a Lawpay link for you to make payment for the appointment.
Weekdays from 11:00am-4:00pm | 9:30 am Saturday and Sunday
Weekdays from 11:00am-4:00pm | 9:30 am Saturday and Sunday
Weekdays from 11:00am-4:00pm | 9:30 am Saturday and Sunday
Please verify that nobody in your life has indicated to you that the issue you want to consult about appears to them to be a mental health issue.(Required)
Please indicate that you agree that you will pay $500 for one-hour only of consultation with Jennifer Horwitz. Jennifer Horwitz has no obligation to represent you further after concluding the consult appointment. If further representation is needed, and Jennifer Horwitz agrees to represent you further, there will be a written fee agreement provided to you and further payment will be requested. Please indicate that you agree to this, and enter your initials.(Required)
I agree that if I do not consult with Jennifer Horwitz for the full hour of consult time that I am not entitled to a refund of any part of the $500 that I paid for the one hour consult.(Required)
I agree that I am making a non-refundable $500 payment for a one-hour paid consult with Jennifer Horwitz. The funds are not refundable if I miss the appointment, if I only use part of the hour or if I am not happy with the substance of the advice I receive. The $500 payment is for Jennifer Horwitz’s time, for her preparation for the consult, for her putting aside other hourly work to conduct the consult and for her 30 years of experience handling criminal and protection order cases.(Required)