evidence bag

What Is Evidence Tampering?

There are two primary types of evidence tampering – tampering with physical evidence and with witnesses. Witnesses can provide testimonial evidence to the court. When a person gets accused of a crime, allegations of evidence tampering can mean additional criminal charges and penalties.  Some people engage in evidence tampering without realizing the legal implications of […]

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healthcare fraud

Five Popular Health Care Provider Fraud Schemes

The Washington State Health Care Authority (WSHCA) provides information about common practices that might be Medicaid or health insurance fraud. The WSHCA urges patients to report suspicions of unethical behavior by health care providers.  Doctors, hospitals, and other service providers should set up protocols to prevent these things from happening. If you, as a health […]

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statute of limitations

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Rape Claims?

The statute of limitations on rape claims depends on the specific charge for criminal cases. Also, there is a time limit for a person to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation for a claim of rape. If you think that you might be facing criminal charges or a civil lawsuit that alleges rape, you […]

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white collar crime

What Qualifies as White-Collar Crime in Washington State?

White-collar crimes do not involve physical violence. Instead of using physical force or the threat of such action, the white-collar crime alleged victim claims that the accused obtained the money or other assets through fraud or trickery. A conviction of a white-collar crime can send a person to a correctional institution for months or years […]

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Telemedicine and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Targeted by DOJ

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) created the Criminal Division’s Health Care Fraud Strike Force Program, which led the 2020 National Health Care Fraud and Opioid Takedown operation. The Takedown operation charged more than 300 individuals with allegedly committing healthcare fraud and prescribing missions of opioids. The charged schemes total more than $6 billion […]

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Defending Against Assault Charges for Physicians

Physicians rarely get accused of assault by their patients, but when a patient makes this accusation, the doctor could have several possible defenses to the charges. It is essential to work with a Seattle physician defense attorney immediately because anything the doctor says in response to the allegations could get twisted and used against the […]

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What Is an Inquest?

An inquest is an open, public administrative hearing in which the County Coroner gathers information about suspicious deaths. Inquests are not adversarial proceedings. On June 11, 2020, by Executive Order, King County, Washington expanded its inquest program to include any death that involves a member of law enforcement of King County when carrying out official […]

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gavel in courtroom

What to Expect at an Arraignment

After you get arrested or charged with a crime, you will have an arraignment, which is the first time that you go to court. The arraignment could happen as soon as the day of your arrest or the next day. A Seattle criminal defense attorney can advocate for you at the arraignment and throughout the […]

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