Jennifer Horwitz (she/her)
Attorney at Law

It is hard to imagine a more well-credentialed, experienced or compassionate attorney than Jennifer Horwitz.  Over her years of practice, her clients have written top reviews about her strategic approach to cases, her litigation skills and the personal support she consistently offers.   What sets Jennifer Horwitz Law apart are:

  • Personal top to bottom representation by Jennifer at every phase of your case
  • Attention to efficient representation to preserve your funds
  • Integrity and transparency with billing
  • Clear and diligent communication about your case
  • Compassionate with clients and strategic with their cases
  • Skilled and experienced trial attorney
  • Adept and creative negotiator
  • Respected by courts and prosecutors

Jennifer Horwitz is committed to being your fierce advocate and ally through your case. Jennifer will step in to take over your legal concerns, while working in partnership with you to accomplish the best possible result. Jennifer never delegates work on your case to less experienced attorney, because she knows you hired her for her knowledge, experience and her specific approach to advocacy.

Jennifer Horwitz Will Personally Represent You

Jennifer Horwitz does not turn client’s cases over to less experienced associates and does not farm out written or behind-the-scenes work to other lawyers. Jennifer represents clients through all phases of the case, at every hearing, and handles all aspects from beginning to end. The practice at Jennifer Horwitz Law is trial-intensive and Jennifer will handle all aspects of preparing a case for trial.

Her Philosophy:


Jennifer Horwitz is passionate about the work she does. Being accused of a crime or becoming the target of a criminal investigation can be a terrifying experience and can profoundly affect a person’s life, family and job.  Jennifer is a tough advocate for her clients and works tenaciously and diligently to obtain the best possible outcome in every case. Jennifer is an effective negotiator as well as a fearless trial lawyer and both skill sets serve her clients well. Jennifer works with a network of other professionals — investigators and experts — to provide each client with the most powerful defense.


Most people who hire a criminal defense lawyer have no idea what to expect. Jennifer Horwitz will take the time to explain what you can expect during each stage of your case. Jennifer will make sure you understand what will happen at each hearing and the steps Jennifer will be taking in preparing your case. With your input, Jennifer will arrive at a strategy for approaching your case that will help you feel in control.


Jennifer Horwitz understands that facing a criminal allegation can be a humiliating experience. Her job is to help you get the best possible outcome and to guide you through what can be a difficult and scary process. Jennifer will not judge you and will always treat you with respect.


  • 25 years of experience handling criminal cases
  • Almost 20 years of experience handling federal criminal cases
  • Regularly teaches peers in state and federal criminal practice
  • Co-author of a manual on clemency cases
  • Co-authoring a manual for federal practice in Western District of Washington
  • Serves regularly as local counsel for attorneys seeking to handle a case in Western District of Washington


  • Board member of the Seattle Clemency Project (“SCP”) and co-author of SCP Manual
  • 2015-2017 National representative for attorneys who take appointed federal cases in the Western District of Washington
  • Co-Author of manual for Federal Criminal Practice in Western District of Washington
  • Member of both the National and Washington Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers Associations.
  • Educator of teachers about the criminal justice system through a collaboration with Seattle University Law and Federal Court judges.
  • Presenter and co-chair for seminars for other lawyers on a variety of criminal defense, protection order, federal practice and domestic violence issues