Practice Areas

Courtroom sketch of Jennifer Horwitz


Jennifer Horwitz represents people in all types of domestic violence situations. Jennifer has extensive experience handling both misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges and getting results for her clients. Most often Jennifer represents the person accused of a domestic violence crime. Jennifer also sometimes represents the alleged victim in a domestic violence case who wants to ensure that the prosecutor and court understand his or her perspective and wishes on the case. Often the police are contacted, but the alleged victim does not want to see charges pursued, and Jennifer has experience representing alleged victims who wish to push to see the charges against their partner or family member dismissed.


Jennifer Horwitz has been representing juveniles since 1996 and has extensive experience in juvenile court.  Jennifer also has experience representing juvenile victims of crimes and witnesses.  Juvenile court is different than adult court and juvenile clients are different than adult clients.  Jennifer can forge good relationships with juveniles and can often help identify and address mental health, cognitive, or addiction issues that may be at play in their case.  Jennifer handles all types of criminal cases for juvenile clients.


Jennifer Horwitz recently expanded her practice to include representing family members or other parties in inquest proceedings.


A large part of Jennifer Horwitz’s Law practice involves representing either petitioners or respondents in protection orders or anti-harassment order cases.  Jennifer has been successful in persuading the court to issue lengthier and more detailed protection orders on behalf of her clients and has also had success defeating requests for orders that were not justified. 

NOTE:  If the protection order is connected to a family law case, Jennifer Horwitz will refer you to a family law attorney


Clemency is a request to commute a long sentence once all appeals on a case have been exhausted.  A clemency petition is filed and a small percentage of those cases are granted a hearing by the Clemency Board.  If the Clemency Board votes to recommend release, the recommendation is forwarded to the Governor of Washington State who considers whether to approve release.  Jennifer Horwitz has filed a petition for clemency, obtained a hearing, and won a unanimous vote for release from the Clemency Board for her client.  Jennifer is currently co-authoring a manual on how to approach Clemency petitions.


Jennifer Horwitz has 18 years of experience handling federal criminal cases, including white-collar fraud cases.  Jennifer handles pre-charge cases and represents people subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury.

JENNIFER HORWITZ LAW PRACTICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Civil lawsuits, DUI charges, family law cases, or representation of victims of identity theft.