The Consultation Station

Located in Seattle, Jennifer Horwitz Law provides trustworthy advice to clients throughout Washington State on a wide range of criminal and related matters, including:

Many people not yet charged with crimes or those under investigation benefit from a one-hour paid consultation on their case.  Sometimes people who cannot afford to hire counsel for their case are in a better position to move forward after a one-hour consultation with Jennifer Horwitz Law.  Lead attorney Jennifer Horwitz is committed to delivering superior legal representation and offers in-depth, one-hour paid consultations that allow you to determine if further representation is needed.  Contact her office today to schedule your consultation.

Why Do I Have To Pay for a Consultation?

Jennifer Horwitz Law provides one-hour paid consultations to clients who would like Jennifer’s feedback on their case, advice on how to move forward, tools on how to represent themselves in non-criminal matters (such as protection order proceedings), or information about how their case may be handled by the court system.

What to Expect at Your Consultation with Jennifer Horwitz Law

As soon as you are arrested or learn that you are under investigation, it is crucial to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Jennifer also consults frequently with people who are served with protection orders or who are thinking of pursuing protection orders.  If you are not able to hire her to represent you in a protection order proceeding, she can give you a roadmap and some tools to assist you in making your case.

One-hour consultations are typically by phone.  She can also meet by Zoom or in-person, if there is a reason a consult will not be effective by phone or video.  During the consultation, you will be able to speak with her in confidence; anything discussed during your consultation will be covered by attorney-client privilege — all lawyers have a duty to keep the information you disclose to them confidential. The attorney-client privilege is what makes a one-hour consultation with Jennifer invaluable. Your meeting will be more than a simple introduction as Jennifer will dig deeply into your case to understand the circumstances and help you strategize or determine your best path forward. Jennifer always treats clients with respect and compassion and gives her honest feedback about their cases.

How a Consultation with Jennifer Horwitz Law Benefits You

Your consultation with Jennifer is not just about hashing over the details of your case, it can either give you tools to work later with appointed counsel, if you cannot afford an attorney for a criminal case,  or to represent yourself in a protection order context.  The one-hour consultation can also be an in-depth way to decide if Jennifer Horwitz is the right lawyer for you to retain to represent you.   Jennifer will not only explain what you can expect from the criminal justice system but answer any questions you may have. You will quickly learn that she has a unique ability to communicate about complex legal matters plainly so that you fully understand what you’re up against. 

With over 25 years of criminal defense experience and a track record of success in jury trials, plea negotiations, and protection order and anti-harassment order cases, you will come away from your consultation with Jennifer Horwitz with more information about your case. Above all, she will always work in your best interests and help you obtain the best possible outcome. 

Preparing for Your Consultation with Jennifer Horwitz Law

While a consultation with Jennifer is rather informal compared to a court proceeding, there are things you should do to prepare for your meeting, including: 

  • Gather court documents — Collect all court documents or any paperwork you have been given related to your case, such as the misdemeanor or felony complaint, copies of the charging information from your arraignment, bail paperwork, list of upcoming court dates, and information regarding prior arrests and convictions, if any. You may want to send Jennifer Horwitz some documents ahead of time to review to prepare for the meeting.  In protection order cases, sending the petition (if you are the Respondent) or documents that support your request for an order (if you are Petitioner) can help Jennifer understand and evaluate your case.  Once Jennifer has received payment, she will review any materials you send in advance of the meeting and will track the time spent reviewing materials as part of the one-hour consultation.
  • Prepare an outline of critical events or a timeline — Because memories tend to fade over time, it is a good idea to write down an outline or timeline of important events related to your case. If you were charged with a drug crime, for example, write down what happened when you were arrested. Did the police conduct a search and seizure of your home? If so, did they have a valid search warrant? Provide as much detail as possible about your interaction with law enforcement and how the search was conducted. Ultimately, it may be possible to suppress any evidence that was obtained illegally and have the case dismissed.  For protection order cases, a timeline of events that have occurred (as well as supporting documents) that would provide a basis for the Court to grant the order can be very helpful.
  • Make a list of potential witnesses — When you meet with Jennifer Horwitz, it will help to have a list of potential witnesses who can corroborate your story, confirm your alibi, testify to your character, or provide additional evidence that may help your case. 
  • Prepare questions – You should feel comfortable asking Jennifer questions about her credentials and past results handling cases similar to yours, your case specifically, the legal system in general, potential problems, as well as payment arrangements. In short, preparing a list of questions before your consultation will allow you to maximize your time with her. 
  • Making Payment —  Once you have set up the one-hour consult, Jennifer Horwitz Law will email or text you a link to make payment for the one hour.

Contact Jennifer Horwitz Law in Seattle Today for a Consultation

If you have been charged with a crime, are under investigation, or are pursuing or defending against a protection order or anti-harassment order, you may benefit significantly from having one-hour to consult with an experienced attorney.  Jennifer Horwitz Law is available for one-hour paid consultations as needed.