Harassment/Protection Order Bundle

The Harassment/Protection Order Bundle $1,500

Consulting with Jennifer Horwitz is a wise choice if you need a protection or anti-harassment order or assistance defending against such an order.  Because retaining Jennifer or another qualified legal professional can be very costly on protection order cases ($6-$10,000 on average), Jennifer developed a bundle of services to empower clients to represent themselves with the same methods used by experienced attorneys.  

The bundle includes the following services:

Two one-hour consultations and review of materials. 

First Hour:

  • Reviewing preliminary documents (such as the petition) and case evaluation;
  • Advice on what facts to highlight
  • Providing client with a template to use to present information to court
  • Providing client with statutes applicable to their case;
  • Generating with client a list of witnesses they should seek information from;
  • Generating with client a list of exhibits to compile;

Second Hour:

  • Reviewing client’s draft declaration and exhibits;
  • Reviewing any other witness declarations and exhibits
  • Reviewing materials submitted by opposing party (if filed before second hour consult);
  • Preparing client to present their case at hearing and explaining what to expect at hearing
  • Helping client prepare proposed order if they are petitioner.

PLEASE NOTE:  For the Bundle, Jennifer is behind-the-scenes, advising you.  She does not file a notice of appearance as your counsel, file any documents for you or appear on your behalf at the hearing.