Moving Out of State with a Protection Order

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If you have a protection order in Washington State and move out of state, you do not need to obtain a new order. However, you may need to register the existing order with the court in your new state. That’s where Jennifer Horwitz Law can assist you.

Jennifer Horwitz has extensive experience handling protection order cases and works closely with clients to ensure their safety. If you have concerns about moving out of state with a protection order, contact Jennifer today to learn how she can help. 

About Protection Orders

Types of protection orders available in the State of Washington include:

  • Anti-harassment protection order against someone for taking part in harassment or other misconduct that intentionally frightens or causes emotional distress to the party seeking the order. These orders involve parties who do not have a familial or dating relationship, such as neighbors, co-workers, or others who do not know each other well.  
  • Stalking protection order against a person who intentionally and repeatedly harasses or follows another person, and places that person or another party in fear of harm. A stalker can be an intimate partner, a family or household member, or another person. 
  • Domestic violence protection order to protect a person from abuse, harm, or harassment by family or household members, including spouses, former spouses, parents who have children in common, current or former dating partners, or household members. 
  • Extreme risk protection order against a person who poses a danger of using a firearm to harm themselves or others.

If you need help obtaining a protection order, having an experienced Seattle protection order attorney is essential. When you work with Jennifer Horwitz, she will guide you through all aspects of the process, including petitioning the court, representing you at the hearing, and enforcing the protection order if necessary.

Moving Out of Washington State With a Protection Order

Victims of domestic violence often leave the state temporarily or permanently to protect themselves against their abusers. Under the federal Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA), all states must recognize and enforce the protective orders of other states. 

The VAWA includes a provision clarifying that a “protection order issued by the court of one state be accorded full faith and credit by the court of another state.” Therefore, Washington State typically reports domestic violence protection orders to the National Crime Information Center Protection Order File (NCIC-POF). This is a nationwide electronic database with information about orders of protection issued in each state and territory in the U.S. Nonetheless, if you have a Washington domestic violence protection order, you should bring it when you move to another state and register the order with the applicable family court.

At the same time, all protective orders work across state lines. Under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution, protective orders are valid in all states and territories, but not all orders are registered with the NCIC. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the protection orders with you at all times and file the order with your new state. 

For example, if you obtain a protective order in Seattle and then move to California, you should file a certified copy with a California court, which will register the order with the state’s computer database, notifying law enforcement throughout the state of its existence. 

Why Choose Jennifer Horwitz

Whether you need assistance obtaining a protection order or advice about moving out of Washington State with a protection order, Jennifer Horwitz can help. She is a dedicated advocate who provides clients with powerful representation in emergencies. When you meet with Jennifer, she will take the time to assess your situation and advise you about the next steps for protecting yourself and your family. 

While you may be reluctant to leave the state, doing so may put a safe distance between you and your abuser. Jennifer has extensive experience helping clients obtain protection orders and also works to defend people against unjust protection orders. Above all, she will provide you with trustworthy advice and guidance and stand by you every step of the way. 

Contact An Experienced Seattle Protection Order Attorney

Before you leave the state with a protection order, turn to Jennifer Horwitz Law. Jennifer will explain all your rights and the procedures for registering the order in your new state. Contact her today to discuss your case in confidence.