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Insurance fraud is a serious offense, leading to higher premiums for policyholders and considerable legal consequences for the perpetrators. Being charged with fraud doesn’t mean that you will be convicted, as long as you have a solid defense. That’s where Jennifer Horwitz Law comes in. 

Attorney Jennifer Horwitz has the in-depth legal knowledge and formidable trial skills necessary to mount an aggressive defense. She will work tirelessly to protect your rights throughout the legal process. Reach out today to get started with an experienced Seattle insurance fraud attorney

What Is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is the deliberate act of deception against insurance providers. Essentially, it’s the misrepresentation or omission of information with the intent to secure benefits or payouts not rightfully due. This can inflict substantial financial damage on companies and, in turn, lead to increased costs for consumers. 

Given the economic implications, the state vigorously prosecutes insurance fraud. Armed with vast resources and teams of lawyers, prosecutors have an unfair advantage over those accused of insurance fraud. Jennifer Horwitz knows how to level the playing field and protect your rights to due process and a fair trial. 

Common Types of Insurance Fraud in Washington State

Insurance fraud comes in many forms, such as: 

  • Health insurance fraud involves individuals or healthcare providers who deceive insurers to profit from false or inflated claims.
  • Auto insurance fraud involves false claims regarding vehicle accidents, thefts, or damage.
  • Life insurance fraud includes faking death or exaggerating beneficiaries’ claims.
  • Property insurance fraud involves exaggerating the extent of damage or claiming compensation for lost or stolen items that never existed.

There are myriad other types of fraud, including workers’ compensation and travel insurance fraud. Regardless of how it occurs, insurance fraud charges pose significant challenges for defendants. Jennifer Horwitz understands these challenges and is well-equipped to address the unique aspects of your case.

How Insurance Fraud Occurs

Insurance fraud schemes can be as simple as padding legitimate claims or as elaborate as staging accidents or falsifying records. The use of technology has made some types of fraud easier to commit but also to detect, as investigators increasingly rely on data analysis and digital forensics. 

Signs of fraud include:

  • Anomalies in paperwork
  • Suspicious timing of claims
  • Patterns that suggest premeditated actions. 

Prosecutors use these signs to build a case, employing investigative tactics such as surveillance, financial audits, and expert testimony to substantiate allegations of fraud.

The Legal Consequences of Insurance Fraud in Seattle

Under Washington State law, insurance fraud can be prosecuted as a felony. A conviction can lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment, fines, and a permanent criminal record, which can have lasting repercussions, such as loss of employment opportunities and reputational harm.

The severity of the charge—whether it is classified as a felony or a misdemeanor—depends on the circumstances of the fraud, including the amount of money involved and the specific actions taken by the individual.

For example, if the amount defrauded is relatively small, the crime may be charged as a gross misdemeanor. However, if the value is substantial, the charge can be escalated to a class B or class C felony, carrying more severe penalties. Class C felonies can result in a maximum of five years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000, or both. Class B felonies can carry a sentence of up to ten years in prison, a fine of up to $20,000, or both.

In addition, the court may order the defendant to pay restitution to the affected parties, multiplying the financial burden. With so much at stake, having an experienced insurance fraud defense attorney is essential. 

How Jennifer Horwitz Law Can Help

Jennifer Horwitz brings a depth of knowledge and legal acumen to insurance fraud cases. Jennifer has successfully defended clients by finding inconsistencies in the prosecution’s claims and uncovering exculpatory evidence. You can depend on her to choose the best line of defense. 

Potential defenses against insurance fraud charges, which can vary depending on the specifics of each case, include:

  • Lack of intent – arguing that you did not have the intention to deceive or defraud the insurance company.
  • Mistake of fact – demonstrating that any inaccuracies on insurance claims were due to honest mistakes, misunderstandings, or errors in judgment, not fraudulent intentions.
  • Insufficient evidence – challenging the prosecution’s case by showing there is not enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you engaged in fraud
  • Absence of false statement – showing that the statements you made were, in fact, true, and thus there was no fraud.
  • Reliance on expert advice – demonstrating that you relied on the advice or statements of a professional or expert and believed the information given was accurate.
  • Unintentional billing errors – demonstrating that any billing errors were not intentional and were due to complex billing systems (in cases involving healthcare providers).

Each case is unique and not all defenses apply to every situation. Crafting an effective defense requires a thorough examination of the facts, the evidence presented, and the applicable laws. Trust Jennifer Horwitz Law to handle all the details and fight to protect your rights, freedom, and future. 

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