Emergency Situations Where You Need a Legal Consultation in Seattle

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If you are facing criminal charges, a legal dispute, or an emergency that needs an attorney, turn to Jennifer Horwitz Law. Jennifer Horwitz provides a one-hour paid video or phone legal consultation to individuals in emergency situations in Seattle and around Washington State when they have an urgent need to speak with an attorney.

Jennifer has a well-earned reputation as a dedicated advocate, a knowledgeable defense attorney, and a compassionate legal guardian. When you meet with Jennifer Horwitz, she will take the time to understand your circumstances and advise you on how to proceed. Contact Jennifer today to arrange your consultation. 

Emergency Situations When Someone May Need A One-Hour Legal Consultation

A variety of situations may require an immediate need to consult with an attorney, such as:

  • Being notified that alleged illegal conduct on the job has been or may be reported to law enforcement by your employer 
  • Being informed that a student has been accused of misconduct at school and that now school officials or law enforcement wants to interview the student 
  • Being contacted by federal or state law enforcement concerning an accusation they want to question you about
  • Being informed by a bank, insurance company, or government agency that a fraudulent transaction is being reported to law enforcement 
  • Being accused of sexual assault or other illegal conduct by a new dating partner
  • Becoming aware that a coworker or someone with whom you are in a relationship has been using you to commit a crime   
  • Being contacted by law enforcement because you or your child is a witness to a crime in which you or they may also be involved

Jennifer Horwitz can provide a one-hour consultation on short notice to evaluate your situation and advise you on how to proceed and make you aware of potential legal strategies. 

What Happens at a One-Hour Consultation With Jennifer Horwitz 

When you consult with Jennifer, she will take the time to explain the accusations and explore all of your legal options. That is your best opportunity to tell your side of the story, so it is crucial to be honest so that she can adequately assess the situation and advise you about the way forward.

You can trust Jennifer to be upfront and quickly evaluate the charges or accusations, as well as the potential outcomes and penalties. Moreover, anything you discuss during your consultation will remain confidential because it falls under “attorney-client privilege.”  Every attorney has a legal obligation to keep any information you disclose to them confidential.   

During your one-hour consultation with Jennifer Horwitz, you will receive trustworthy advice and objective insights about how to protect your rights and liberties. Jennifer will unpack all the details and speak to you in understandable terms. Above all, she will provide a comfortable setting where you can make informed decisions.

The Benefits of a One-Hour Legal Consultation with Jennifer Horwitz Law in Emergency Situations

Your consultation with Jennifer Horwitz will allow you to determine whether you need legal representation or other professional assistance. Jennifer regularly collaborates with attorneys who practice criminal defense, employment law, business law, family law, and experts in related fields. She will take the time to explain what you can expect from the criminal justice system and patiently answer all your questions. 

Jennifer breaks down complex legal matters in ways that can help you understand what’s at stake, what to do, and what not to do. Jennifer’s demonstrated track of success handling all types of criminal matters will give you confidence, knowing that you are getting the advice you need during this difficult time. 

How To Prepare For Your Consultation

A one-hour consultation with attorney Jennifer Horwitz can give you a sense of control over your legal matter, so it’s helpful to come prepared. There are several steps you should take before meeting with her, such as:

  • Gather legal documents –  It is essential to bring any court documents, legal papers, or records of any communications with law enforcement to your consultation. You should also be prepared to inform Jennifer about prior arrests and convictions. 
  • Prepare information – Jot down something about the accusations, including who contacted you and if you have been asked for an interview, to submit to questioning, or appear in court. In any event, you should never speak to law enforcement or other officials without an attorney present. 
  • Prepare a list of questions – Be prepared to ask Jennifer about your situation, how to navigate the system, if you need an attorney and any other questions that will allow you to benefit from your consultation. 

Contact Seattle Attorney Jennifer Horwitz for a Consultation Today!

Being involved in a legal dispute or controversy is frightening, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you have helpful legal advice. A one-hour paid consultation with Jennifer Horwitz will prepare you to face this challenge. Contact Jennifer’s office today to arrange your consultation.