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None better for my money — Excellent trial skills

“As a family of color we have experienced more than our share of disrespect from “some” authority figures, so it was a breath of fresh air to be treated with such abiding care and concern. Ms. Horwitz’ firm came highly recommended by the North West Womens Law Center,with whom we have had past experiences. My Domestic partner and I were represented by several of their lawyers during our bid for equal rights. So as you can see we have had some exposure to a good many great attorneys. Ms Horwitz treated my whole family with respect and as much inclusion as she could. This was not our experience with the court appointed / public defender my son was assigned at first. I am well aware of the thankless job they have to do, but there is no need to be rude to the families of the people they are representing. We felt Jennifer did a stellar job with jury selection. She also did her homework and came prepared for court every day. Jennifer was professional, kind, and directive in the ways that she handled both us and the court. Her closing arguments were both powerful and to the point. As a concerned family we felt she did an outstanding job both in and out of court. This was not just our lay opinion. There was an older attorney who attended a lot of the sessions and stated how impressed he was with her performance. Our son was acquitted of the accusations (1) because he was innocent and (2) because of the great representation he received. Our system could use more professionals like Ms. Horwitz.”

~ Family of client charged with felony sex offense (Client Found Not Guilty at Trial)

Kira Shea