What Will I Get Out Of A Paid One-hour Consult Re: My Protection Order Case?

Affordable and Practical Legal Advice for Your Specific Situation

It is hard to find a lawyer who is willing to handle full representation on a protection order case because these cases can be a tremendous amount of work in a very short time frame.  Experienced lawyers like Jennifer Horwitz, bill hourly on these cases and take several thousand dollars up front to place in a trust account. 

Why Would I do a Paid Consult Instead of Hiring Counsel to Represent Me?

 At Jennifer’s hourly rate, representation on these cases typically costs $10,000 or more.  Neighbor harassment cases can be even more work than other cases because neighbors who are not the parties get involved as witnesses.  Jennifer’s last neighbor anti-harassment order case was $20,000 by the time it was finished.

What Will I Get Out of a Paid One-Hour Consult?

For a fraction of the cost, you can consult with Jennifer Horwitz about your case, whether you are considering petitioning for a protection order, have filed a petition, or are responding to an order someone else filed against you.  The paid one-hour consult will take place by phone, Facetime or on whatever video platform you prefer, if you send Jennifer a link.  In your meeting with Jennifer, she will evaluate the case, give you her assessment, and help you figure out how best to present your evidence.  She will send you materials to use in preparing your evidence and can even review your materials.  

If I Need More Time, Can I Pay for Additional Consults with Jennifer Horwitz?

Some cases benefit from more than one hour of consulting, and in those cases, Jennifer can offer additional help in the form of reviewing and editing materials that you have prepared according to her instructions, helping you respond to materials the other party has filed, ghost-writing some materials for you, investigating whether the case can be settled outside of court and drafting a settlement agreement, and preparing you for your hearing.  Many cases benefit from 2-4 hours of consulting with Jennifer, which still represents a large cost savings over full representation. Jennifer will make herself available to support you in the form of additional paid one-hour time blocks to help you represent yourself very effectively.

Why Is Consulting with Jennifer Horwitz in a Protection Order Case Much More Effective than Just Dealing with the Case Myself?

Jennifer Horwitz has been handling protection order cases for approximately 25 years.  This gives her a broad perspective on which cases belong in court and merit an order and which cases don’t.  She is familiar with the various legal issues that can arise around service on the other party, jurisdiction over out-of-state parties, the interplay between a possible criminal case and a protection order case, and what evidence will be viewed as compelling and persuasive by a court and what evidence will not.  In addition, Jennifer understands how to tailor a protection order request to the specific situation at hand and will suggest adding certain provisions to a proposed order or discuss with you why certain provisions are not appropriate.  Jennifer also has an excellent track record of diverting even the most contentious cases from the Court system by negotiating an agreed written settlement agreement.  Each settlement agreement is different and its terms are dictated by what the Petitioner will need in order to agree to dismiss their petition and what the Respondent is prepared to agree to in order to resolve the case outside of court.  Written settlement agreements are powerful tools to resolve harassment and unwanted contact without relying on a court to determine whether an order should be imposed.

Does Jennifer Horwitz Consult on All Types of Protection Order Cases?

Jennifer will consult with you on any type of protection order case as long as it is not related to an ongoing divorce or child custody case.  Domestic violence protection order cases that involve a party in an ongoing divorce or child custody case will be consolidated with the family law case and will be heard in family law court.  Those cases should be handled by a family law attorney.

Jennifer consults on domestic violence protection order cases NOT connected to an ongoing divorce or child custody case, anti-harassment and anti-stalking order case, extreme risk protection order cases and sexual assault protection order cases.

What Do Clients Say About Consulting with Jennifer Horwitz? 

(From Reviews on Google Business)

  • I hired Jennifer for a consultation on my case and I’m so happy I did.  Her knowledge and expertise was not only helpful in gaining a protection order, but she also gave calmness while dealing with a stressful time in my life.  I would definitely recommend her services.
  • We consulted with Jennifer for an hour in preparation for a civil harassment protection order against our neighbor.  It was among the best $500 we’ve ever spent!  Her counsel enabled us to focus on the right elements when presenting our case in court, resulting in a ruling in our favor.  Hopefully we won’t need her services in the future, but if we do, we will call her again.
  • Jennifer provides a unique service which gives you access to legal counsel without the often significant expense of fully retaining an attorney.  I consulted with Jennifer for a protection order case and she gave me the tools and framework to be able to prepare everything myself.  She then reviewed everything I had prepared and provided invaluable feedback before I submitted everything.  Without her advice I would have been completely lost navigating the court system and she made me feel empowered and assured that my filings were accurate and thorough.
  • I’m glad I found Jennifer when I needed legal advice.  My first impression of her was that she reads fast! I sent her pages of my case documents and I wrote several confusing paragraphs of what happened with my case but she was able to capture exactly what I was trying to say in just a couple of minutes.  Immediately she was able to give me succinct advice on how to go about the case and the court system.  This helped relieve a lot of stress in dealing with the case….Jennifer is smart, efficient, polite and compassionate.  Definitely 5 stars!
  • Sharp, to the point, direct regarding chance of success, very good experience.  Gives you faith in the profession.
  • In only have superlatives for Jennifer.  She was very professional, very clear in her advice and suggestions, used our time together very efficiently and responsibly and was extremely prompt in her response to emails…she seemed genuinely interested in understanding our case, remembered details and clearly wanted to help us with what we needed help with.  I would enthusiastically recommend her to my friends and family.
  • Jennifer is a rare breed:  smart, responsive compassionate, honest, quick and cost-effective.  She helped me and a group of neighbors navigate a difficult and unfamiliar legal situation – coaching us, reviewing our work, making multiple helpful suggestions, and pointing out potential pitfalls.  Though the underlying situation we were dealing with was no fun, working with her was an absolute pleasure.  I recommend her in the highest possible terms.