woman suffering from domestic violence

How Washington State Defines the “Primary Aggressor”

Domestic violence cases are fraught for many reasons. In addition to the emotional implications for everyone involved, there are legal issues that can make such cases challenging for the accused, the alleged victim, and even police and prosecutors. One such aspect of domestic violence cases is identifying the “primary aggressor:” the person alleged to pose the […]

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HB 1715: Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

In recent years, there has been a significant focus on enhancing legal protections for victims of domestic violence in Washington. This commitment to change is crystallized in the recent passing of House Bill 1715, an important piece of legislation aimed at strengthening the rights and protections afforded to these victims. The implications of this new […]

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Man accused of domestic violence standing by window.

Domestic Violence and Unlawful Imprisonment – What You Need to Know

Domestic disputes do not always go peacefully. Sometimes domestic violence happens when romantic partners or family members have relationship problems. On occasion, unlawful imprisonment, can occur or be alleged in these situations.  A Seattle criminal defense attorney can explain what you need to know about domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment. If you face charges of […]

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How Do You Get a Domestic Charge Dropped?

The laws in Washington State are unforgiving for domestic violence charges. A person can be arrested for domestic violence, even if the alleged victim does not wish to press charges. If you were arrested on domestic violence charges, your best choice is to contact experienced a Seattle domestic violence defense attorney to discuss defense strategies […]

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Attorney and man discussing legal documents

What Is a No Contact Order?

When an individual in Washington is accused of domestic violence, the court frequently issues a no-contact order. There are two types of no contact orders in Washington: (1) pre-trial and (2) post-conviction. Both types of no-contact orders prevent the person accused in a domestic violence case from having contact with the alleged victim. Below is […]

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