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Entrapment and Prostitution Charges

Innocent people can be arrested due to mistakes or police misconduct. One form of police misconduct that could possibly be used as a defense in a prostitution case is entrapment. Police often rely on sting operations to make prostitution arrests. Officers pose as prostitutes or customers. However, officers must follow very strict guidelines when conducting […]

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Is There a Statute of Limitations on Rape Claims?

The statute of limitations on rape claims depends on the specific charge for criminal cases. Also, there is a time limit for a person to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation for a claim of rape. If you think that you might be facing criminal charges or a civil lawsuit that alleges rape, you […]

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Police officer at a prostitution sting operation.

What You Need to Know About Prostitution Sting Operations

Prostitution sting operations are a key strategy employed by law enforcement to address the issue of prostitution. These operations typically involve undercover officers posing as prostitutes or clients to engage with individuals looking to participate in commercial sex acts. Such operations often culminate in arrests, with details sometimes shared publicly by the police as a […]

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What to Do If You’ve Been Accused of a Sex Crime

A sex crime accusation can be a shocking, scary and shame-inducing life event. In addition to the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, a sex crime accusation can carry requirements for treatment and registration as a sex offender.  It can also be a barrier to continued or new employment and can generally stigmatize someone, even […]

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