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Entrapment and Prostitution Charges

Innocent people can be arrested due to mistakes or police misconduct. One form of police misconduct that could possibly be used as a defense in a prostitution case is entrapment. Police often rely on sting operations to make prostitution arrests. Officers pose as prostitutes or customers. However, officers must follow very strict guidelines when conducting […]

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Is There a Statute of Limitations on Rape Claims?

The statute of limitations on rape claims depends on the specific charge for criminal cases. Also, there is a time limit for a person to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation for a claim of rape. If you think that you might be facing criminal charges or a civil lawsuit that alleges rape, you […]

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Police officer at a prostitution sting operation.

What You Need to Know About Prostitution Sting Operations

Prostitution stings are a common method used by the police to combat prostitution.  In a typical sting operation, undercover police officers pose as prostitutes and communicate with clients to set up appointments to engage in commercial sex acts.   Often, following a major prostitution sting, the police share information about the operation with the media […]

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What to Do If You’ve Been Accused of a Sex Crime

A sex crime accusation can be a shocking, scary and shame-inducing life event. In addition to the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, a sex crime accusation can carry requirements for treatment and registration as a sex offender.  It can also be a barrier to continued or new employment and can generally stigmatize someone, even […]

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