Exploring the Different Types of Sex Crimes and Their Consequences in Washington State

Sex crimes vary from one state to another. Conduct that could get charged as rape in the first degree, for example, in one state might be rape in the second or third degree in another. Also, the penalties for getting convicted of sex crimes are different in different states.

This blog will explore the different types of sex crimes and their consequences in Washington State. If you get arrested for or charged with a sex crime, you will want to protect your future by working with a Washington sex crimes attorney.

The Elements and Consequences of Rape in Washington State

Washington classifies rape as a felony of the first, second, or third degree. First and second-degree rape convictions are Class A felonies. Third-degree rape convictions are Class C felonies. Washington punishes Class A felonies with up to life in prison, a $50,000 fine, or both imprisonment and a fine. Class C felonies carry a sentence of up to five years of imprisonment, a $10,000 fine, or both time in prison and a fine.

First Degree Rape

Rape in Washington State means that one person had forcible sexual intercourse with another person without that person’s consent. “Force” can be emotional force, like coercion, pressure, threats, intimidation, or physical force.

First-degree rape involves any of these elements:

  • Kidnapping,
  • Entering the car or building where the person is,
  • Inflicting severe physical injury, or
  • Using or threatening to use a weapon.

Second Degree Rape

With second-degree rape, forcible sexual intercourse involves either compelling the sexual intercourse through force or sexual intercourse with a person who is legally incapable of giving consent because of a physical, mental, or developmental disability.

Third Degree Rape

Third-degree rape charges can get filed when the other person expressed their lack of consent through conduct or words, or the defendant threatened to harm the other person’s property.

Additional Types of Sex Crimes

Washington’s statutes also cover many other types of sex crimes. For example:

  • Rape of a child in the first degree. 9A.44.073.
  • Rape of a child in the second degree. 9A.44.076.
  • Rape of a child in the third degree. 9A.44.079.
  • Child molestation in the first degree. 9A.44.083.
  • Child molestation in the second degree. 9A.44.086.
  • Child molestation in the third degree. 9A.44.089.
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor in the first degree. 9A.44.093.
  • Sexual misconduct with a minor in the second degree. 9A.44.096.
  • Indecent liberties. 9A.44.100.
  • Sexually violating human remains. 9A.44.105.
  • Voyeurism. 9A.44 115.

Washington is tough on sex crimes. Indecent liberties, for example, is a Class A felony, carrying a possible life term in prison, a $50,000 fine, or both. All sex crime convictions include mandatory registration in the Sex Offender Registry. Failing to register can result in additional time in prison or jail.

Getting convicted of any of these offenses could keep you from reaching your potential in life because of the social, economic, and other consequences, in addition to the fines, jail time, and having to register as a sexual offender.

A Washington criminal defense attorney could help you go after the best possible outcome in your situation. Reach out to our office today for a consultation.