Protection Order Cases – Representation, Consultation, and Settlement Outside of Court


Jennifer Horwitz Law handles all types of Protection Order cases in Washington State, including Sexual Assault Protection Orders, Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Anti-Harassment Orders, and Extreme Risk Protection Orders.  She handles cases for both Petitioners and Respondents.

Paid Consultation

Jennifer Horwitz helps many people involved in these cases navigate the case at minimal cost by consulting with them behind the scenes, rather than providing full representation.  In 1-3 hours of consultation, Jennifer can review the materials filed by the other party, give you a checklist of materials to file in your case, and provide you with forms and statutes that will help you make your case.  In some cases, a Motion to ReAlign the parties is appropriate, and she can discuss this issue with you, if you are the Respondent, but actually the victim of abuse, stalking, or harassment.  If you would like to set up a one-hour paid consult with Jennifer Horwitz by phone or video, if you send a link, go to Jennifer Horwitz Law and press the “schedule consult” button.

Assistance Settling a Protection Order Case Outside of Court

Jennifer Horwitz assists many people who are involved in protection order cases in settling their cases outside of court with a written Settlement Agreement.  In order for a case to be settled, both parties must agree to settle the case.  The terms of each settlement agreement are different, but typically the agreement provides for the dismissal of the court case (and no issuance of a protection order) in exchange for the Respondent agreeing to have no contact with the petitioner.  Sometimes settlement agreements provide for mutual no contact and contain other provisions that relate to the specific fact pattern or allegations in the case.  Jennifer has been extremely successful in negotiating settlement agreements in a wide variety of cases, from neighbor disputes to sexual assault allegation cases, to domestic violence cases.  Once the terms of a settlement are agreed to, Jennifer will draft a settlement agreement that addresses the issues in your case and show a draft to the other party.  The settlement agreement is not filed in court and typically has confidentiality and non-disparagement provisions in addition to a wide range of no contact order and no social media posting provisions.