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An Attorney Who Fought for Me And Got A Dismissal

“Jennifer Horwitz is an incredible attorney and I am forever grateful for her. I left her a voicemail on a Sunday and only had 1 day to find an attorney. I had already heard great things about her and had read about her extensive experience and education on her website. I knew that she was the attorney that I wanted to represent me but I wasn’t sure if I would hear back from her in time for my first court appearance. Jennifer took the time to get in contact with me on a Sunday afternoon which I appreciated very much. Throughout the entire process (which can be extremely stressful), Jennifer was there for me to answer any questions that I had for her and responded promptly to my e-mails and phone calls. Jennifer listened to me when I told her my story and she never doubted me. Though she never promised a dismissal, I could tell that she was confident that I was innocent and would do anything in her power to get the dismissal if possible. She never gave up and fought for me (and my future) until the very end. This particular case was a domestic violence case. I am in the medical profession so this dismissal was crucial for me and Jennifer understood that. When I received the phone call from her stating that she had gotten the dismissal, I broke down in tears. It still makes me emotional to write this. Thank you Jennifer for all of your hard work and for believing in me and this case from the beginning to the end. I would recommend Jennifer Horwitz to anyone and everyone who is looking for an experienced and knowledgable attorney who specializes in criminal defense. You will not regret it. Thank you for reading my story.”

Jen Fox