Clemency Case Evaluation

Clemency Case Evaluation $1500

Clemency is an avenue of relief from long and life sentences after all appeals have been exhausted.  Jennifer Horwitz has experience with representing and advising people on Clemency cases.  Jennifer has won freedom for clients who have petitioned for clemency and also has sat on the Board and served as Board President for the Seattle Clemency Project.  She co-authored a manual on how to represent prisoners seeking clemency.

Jennifer can bring her wealth of experience and knowledge to evaluating your possible bid for clemency before you retain counsel to pursue clemency, which can be very costly.

The Clemency Case Evaluation contains the following services:

  • A review of any materials relevant to your clemency argument.  This may include a prior clemency petition;
  • If clemency was previously pursued by you with or without counsel, Jennifer will review the previous clemency petition.
  • Jennifer will give a list of things that you can do to strengthen your chances of being granted clemency;
  • Jennifer will assess whether this is a good time to request clemency or whether you should wait some period of time before pursuing clemency;
  • Jennifer will explain the clemency process and related process of obtaining a resentencing under SB 6164.