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Entrapment and Prostitution Charges

Innocent people can be arrested due to mistakes or police misconduct. One form of police misconduct that could possibly be used as a defense in a prostitution case is entrapment. Police often rely on sting operations to make prostitution arrests. Officers pose as prostitutes or customers. However, officers must follow very strict guidelines when conducting […]

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HB 1715: Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

In recent years, there has been a significant focus on enhancing legal protections for victims of domestic violence in Washington. This commitment to change is crystallized in the recent passing of House Bill 1715, an important piece of legislation aimed at strengthening the rights and protections afforded to these victims. The implications of this new […]

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What Role Does the Grand Jury Play in White Collar Crime Cases, and How Can I Prepare for a Grand Jury Investigation?

Juries in the United States decide innocence or guilt in criminal cases. However, a grand jury is a panel of individuals who decide whether the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove probable cause for an indictment. They do not decide whether the person is guilty or innocent. The grand jury only decides whether the evidence […]

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Defending Against Charges of Misappropriating Funds

If you get charged with misappropriating funds, your first call should be to a Washington white collar crimes attorney. Some defense strategies work better early on in a case. This blog will cover the issue of defending against charges of misappropriating funds. Defenses to Charges of Misappropriating Funds Whether you get charged with a state […]

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Paths to Resentencing

Thanks to developments in the law in Washington State, you or someone you care about could be able to go back to court for a new sentence, assuming that the new sentence would not be greater than the original sentence. This blog will discuss five different ways that people serving life or long prison sentences […]

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What Happens at an Arraignment?

Usually, the first significant court appearance in a criminal case is the arraignment hearing. The arraignment hearing can have an impact on the rest of your criminal case. With so much at stake, you will want to have a Seattle criminal defense attorney at your side handling your arraignment. If you have never attended an […]

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