What Is an Inquest?

An inquest is an open, public administrative hearing in which the County Coroner gathers information about suspicious deaths. Inquests are not adversarial proceedings. On June 11, 2020, by Executive Order, King County, Washington expanded its inquest program to include any death that involves a member of law enforcement of King County when carrying out official […]

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gavel in courtroom

What to Expect at an Arraignment

After you get arrested or charged with a crime, you will have an arraignment, which is the first time that you go to court. The arraignment could happen as soon as the day of your arrest or the next day. A Seattle criminal defense attorney can advocate for you at the arraignment and throughout the […]

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man commiting credit card fraud

Federal White Collar Crime Overview

White collar crime is not a legal term. It is a term used to describe a group of crimes that are non-violent and motivated by profit. Even though these crimes may sound more innocent than murder or assault, white collar crimes can cause severe damages for victims. The punishment for white collar crimes can be […]

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Judge's gavel

Understanding Clemency

Clemency, also called a pardon or commutation, is a form of relief that a person convicted of a crime can receive from the Governor of the state of Washington or the President of the United States. The appropriate person to grant clemency or a pardon will depend on whether the conviction was for a federal […]

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