Statue of Justia with man charged with domestic violence in the background.

How Do You Get a Domestic Charge Dropped?

The laws in Washington State are unforgiving for domestic violence charges. A person can be arrested for domestic violence, even if the alleged victim does not wish to press charges. If you were arrested on domestic violence charges, your best choice is to contact experienced a Seattle domestic violence defense attorney to discuss defense strategies […]

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Domestic violence victim who needs a protection order.

How Do You Obtain a Protection Order?

Domestic violence is a serious problem in America. Many victims worry about their safety if they leave or if the abuser leaves.  Seattle protection order attorney Jennifer Horwitz can help you obtain a protection order prohibiting the person responsible for the abuse from contacting you or coming near you. What is a Domestic Violence Protection […]

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Police officer at a prostitution sting operation.

What You Need to Know About Prostitution Sting Operations

Prostitution stings are a common method used by the police to combat prostitution.  In a typical sting operation, undercover police officers pose as prostitutes and communicate with clients to set up appointments to engage in commercial sex acts.   Often, following a major prostitution sting, the police share information about the operation with the media […]

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Attorney and man discussing no contact order.

What Is a No Contact Order?

When an individual in Washington is accused of domestic violence, the court frequently issues a no-contact order. There are two types of no contact orders in Washington: (1) pre-trial and (2) post-conviction. Both types of no-contact orders prevent the person accused in a domestic violence case from having contact with the alleged victim. Below is […]

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Man arrested after being accused of a sex crime.

What to Do If You’ve Been Accused of a Sex Crime

A sex crime accusation can be a shocking, scary and shame-inducing life event. In addition to the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence, a sex crime accusation can carry requirements for treatment and registration as a sex offender.  It can also be a barrier to continued or new employment and can generally stigmatize someone, even […]

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Man arrested because of entrapment tactics.

What Is an Entrapment Defense?

Entrapment Entrapment is a possible defense to many types of crimes.  The defense consists of the argument that the crime originated with law enforcement officials or someone acting at the direction of law enforcement and that the person charged would not have committed the crime absent the influence of law enforcement.  When law enforcement merely […]

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What Type of Protection Order Do I Need?

There are a few different types of protection orders and it helps to know which one you need and what type of conduct each order addresses. 1. Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) Domestic Violence Protection Orders are issued under RCW 26.50.030. A petition under this provision is appropriate when the petitioner is alleging a prior […]

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