Man accused of domestic violence standing by window.

Domestic Violence and Unlawful Imprisonment – What You Need to Know

Domestic disputes do not always go peacefully. Sometimes domestic violence happens when romantic partners or family members have relationship problems. On occasion, unlawful imprisonment, can occur or be alleged in these situations.  A Seattle criminal defense attorney can explain what you need to know about domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment. If you face charges of […]

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Man reviewing law documents with attorney

Understanding Sentencing in Washington

The State of Washington imposes sentencing after a criminal has pled to a crime or been found guilty by a judge or jury.  The sentencing of a defendant is a critical phase of a court case. The duration and type of punishment prescribed by the judicial court system will significantly impact the defendant.  Criminal defense […]

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Attorney and man discussing legal documents

What Every Defendant Should Know About Plea Bargains

The vast majority of criminal charges do not go to trial. These cases get resolved through the plea bargain process. Juries are unpredictable. Many people prefer to resolve a case with the prosecutor by agreement rather than take their chances on a potentially worse outcome with a jury. Also, many people choose to negotiate their […]

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white collar crime

What Qualifies as White-Collar Crime in Washington State?

White-collar crimes do not involve physical violence. Instead of using physical force or the threat of such action, the white-collar crime alleged victim claims that the accused obtained the money or other assets through fraud or trickery. A conviction of a white-collar crime can send a person to a correctional institution for months or years […]

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Telemedicine and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Targeted by DOJ

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) created the Criminal Division’s Health Care Fraud Strike Force Program, which led the 2020 National Health Care Fraud and Opioid Takedown operation. The Takedown operation charged more than 300 individuals with allegedly committing healthcare fraud and prescribing missions of opioids. The charged schemes total more than $6 billion […]

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Frustrated doctor leaning on window

Defending Against Assault Charges for Physicians

Physicians rarely get accused of assault by their patients, but when a patient makes this accusation, the doctor could have several possible defenses to the charges. It is essential to work with a Seattle physician defense attorney immediately because anything the doctor says in response to the allegations could get twisted and used against the […]

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What Is an Inquest?

An inquest is an open, public administrative hearing in which the County Coroner gathers information about suspicious deaths. Inquests are not adversarial proceedings. On June 11, 2020, by Executive Order, King County, Washington expanded its inquest program to include any death that involves a member of law enforcement of King County when carrying out official […]

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