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Domestic  Violence Protection Order (for Petitioner)

RESULT  |  10-Year Protection Order with anti-defamation and other provisions granted and criminal charges filed against Respondent

A woman broke up with her boyfriend and asked him to move out after he recorded her without her permission.  The ex-boyfriend then began stalking the woman through various means and attempting to harm her business relationships.  The ex-boyfriend manufactured evidence and threatened to report to the police that the woman had lied under oath about his having recorded her without permission.  This threat was used to bully the woman into not pursuing the protection order she needed.  After petitioning for a protection order and presenting evidence of the stalking and showing that the ex-boyfriend had manufactured false evidence to try to bully the woman out of pursuing the order she needed, the court granted a 10-year protection order with several non-standard conditions to protect the woman.  The prosecutor's office was then convinced to file criminal charges against the ex-boyfriend.